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This article will provide information about Myles Garret Wife and his tragic car accident. Keep reading.

What do you know about Myles Garrett Wife. What’s the latest news on Garrett’s car accident? Garrett, a Cleveland Browns defender, was in a car accident on his return from Ohio’s training ground.

The United States media want to know if the lady in Myles Garrett’s car is his wife or girlfriend. We’ll reveal all details about the accident as well as his love life.

Complete Story

Myles Garrett Girlfriend was returning from Ohio training ground, when they were involved in a car accident that left them both with minor injuries. They were both admitted to the hospital after the accident. Most people don’t know his marital status. Serra Tumay, a woman sitting next to Myles, was discovered to be his girlfriend after some research.

The couple is also safe, but Myles can inflict serious injuries on Cleveland’s next match.

Myles Garrett Car Accident

The NFL’s Cleveland Browns felt under pressure after learning that Myles, their top defender, had been involved in an accident with his car. They were concerned because Myles had suffered some injuries that could prevent him from playing in the next game. Although the doctor said that he would need to recover, the club will be facing Atlanta Falcon on Sunday.

According to the doctor’s report Myles will need to return to the ground in six weeks. The upcoming match against the Cleveland Browns is critical to maintaining the team’s place on the leaderboard.

Myles Garrett Porsche

Myles Garrett, who is seen on social media, is seen driving his 2021 Porsche while returning from training. According to the officer who investigated the incident, all the passengers were wearing seatbelts and the driver had not consumed alcohol.

Although the car flipped multiple times, it was very serious. Fortunately, both Myles Garrett and Serra were not seriously injured. Myles Garrett Car Crash could be dangerous for the Cleveland Browns, as the team’s upcoming NFL League games will be very important to them and their fans.


Myles, a Cleveland defender, was involved in a car accident with Serra, his girlfriend. They were driving a Porsche 2021. Although the car flipped several times, all three are fine with minor injuries.

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