My Derma Dream Reviews {Aug 2022} Check The Review Then Buy!

My Derma Dream Reviews

Find exclusive information that is not available elsewhere on TRU MicroSculpt. Also, learn more about the maker within the My Derma Dream Review.

Do you use microcurrent treatments for your spa to improve facial appearance? Microcurrent is similar to electrical current generated in the body of a human. This is why it’s great in reducing wrinkles and improving the tone of muscles. Are you interested in purchasing a device that can shape your facial shape?

Let’s talk about TRU MicroSculpt which is available in Australia and in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada in this write-up about My Derma Dream Reviews.


The TRU MicroSculpt is a handheld microcurrent massager that provides advantages similar to a spa experience in within the privacy of own home. The microcurrent is a follower of an electric field that is present in the body. It goes deep within the facial layer.

When the facial skin layers are stimulated, it aids in the production of collagen. The greatest benefit to this TRU MicroSculpt is it assists in collagen production without damaging the barrier to skin.

TRU MicroSculpt aids in tightening the skin and reduces puffiness. It lifts the jawline, jowls highlight cheekbones, minimizes wrinkles, etc.

The best part about TRU MicroSculpt, as outlined through My Derma Dream Review can be that it allows you to receive the same benefits with no injections or applying large amounts of makeup to your face.

What is it and how do you make use of it?

  1. Make sure that you completely charge the TRU MicroSculpt prior to you use it.
  2. Cleanse or wash your face to get rid of the makeup, etc.,
  3. Use TRU MicroSculpt only on dry skin only.
  4. Apply conductive gel on alloy connectors,
  5. Massage your neck and face for 5 to 20 minutes each day.
  6. Avoid using it to treat your eyes, however you can make use of it to lift your eyebrows.


  • Buy TRU MicroSculpt at:
  • The Original Cost:$284.00
  • Reduced Cost:$99.00
  • My Derma Dream Reviews of Brand: TRU
  • Manufacturer: MyDermaDream


  • TRU MicroSculpt assists in lifting facial muscles of all types.
  • TRU MicroSculpt tightens the skin , resulting in less puffiness.
  • TRU MicroSculpt accentuates the cheekbones and makes you look more attractive
  • TRU MicroSculpt increases the jawline of your face and makes you appear younger
  • TRU MicroSculpt aids in the reduction of wrinkles
  • TRU MicroSculpt promotes collagen production
  • TRU MicroSculpt is lightweight and simple to utilize.
  • TRU MicroSculpt aids in enhancing blood circulation, which results in glowing skin
  • The Electric Muscle Stimulation that TRU MicroSculpt emits TRU MicroSculpt is completely painless
  • TRU MicroSculpt reduces acne

Disadvantages defined within my Derma Dream Reviews :

  • TRU MicroSculpt could give an tingling sensation
  • Because of the use of EMS microcurrents, the device is not suitable for those with sensitive skin
  • The use of TRU MicroSculpt can cause dry skin among some users.
  •, which sells TRU MicroSculpt, is a new website with a low trust index
  • did not include product specifications
  • did not provide an adequate description of the product
  • The material used to make alloy connectors isn’t specified and is therefore of great importance.
  • did not specify the intensity of EMS microcurrent
  • My Derma Dream Reviewsof site found that it didn’t state the possibility that TRU MicroSculpt can be adjusted to alter EMS microcurrent levels.
  • TRU MicroSculpt is not suitable for those suffering from medical conditions like epilepsy, heart problems and other conditions that cause a decrease in the sensation of the face.

Does it work? Worth it?

  • We will look at the following aspects that are related with TRU MicroSculpt along with its brandname, which indicate to the fact that TRU MicroSculpt as well as MyDermaDream are not legitimate.

The brand’s name:

  • MyDermaDream was created by Wouter in 2022. Its goal was to offer products for improving facial appearance.
  • is its official website launched on 22nd April 2022 and expires after two years.
  • My Derma Dream Reviews discovered a terrible 2% trust score for
  • gained a poor 1,114,117 Alexa ranking.
  • MyDermaDream isn’t available in any of the social media platform.

The product’s description:

  • TRU MicroSculpt is exclusively sold on
  • TRU MicroSculpt is not available on any of the shopping (or) or social media sites.
  • TRU MicroSculpt is on sale from April 2022.
  • TRU MicroSculpt is available with the chance to test it for 90 days risk-free
  • The efficacy the efficacy TRU MicroSculpt is not known.

User Reviews does not support product reviews. Therefore, Learn about the validity of Merchandise to stay clear of counterfeit merchandise.

Customer reviews and ratings were not available on YouTube, social media sites, or other platforms. were found on YouTube or social media platforms shopping websites and user reviews on the internet.


My Derma Dream Reviews found that it’s an early maker of beauty products. They also said that the TRU name is brand new. has terrible Trust and Alexa Ranking. Therefore, it may need a couple of months for them to get their ranking up. TRU MicroSculpt is not genuine since it’s not being sold on online shopping websites and social media. Additionally, no acknowledgment from the customer regarding delivery was provided.

Are the reviews of TRU MicroSculpt helpful? Let us know your thoughts below in this post about MyDermaDream.



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