Moonbin cause of death: What Happened To Moonbin?

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Moonbin Astro: Who Was He?

Moon Bin is a South Korean entertainer who was professionally known as Moonbin. Moonbin was a South Korean entertainer who was associated with Fantagio and was a part of the popular South Korean boy band Astro as well as the sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha. He was recognized not only for his singing, but also his dancing, modeling, and acting talents.

Moon Bin, born in Cheongju (Chungbuk Province) on January 26, 1998 studied at Hanlim Multi Art School where he specialized in Practical Music and graduated. Moon Sua is his younger sister and a member of South Korean girl band Billie.

Cause of death: Moonbin

According to an official announcement from his record label, Moonbin, the popular K-pop icon, died on April 19, 2023 at age 25. South Korean media reported on Wednesday that his manager found him unresponsive in his apartment in Seoul. Police suspect that he committed suicide. A cause of death is confirmed by an autopsy.

Moonbin had worked as an actor, model and singer before joining the K-pop boyband Astro, as well as its sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha, in 2016. Fantagio released a statement in which it paid tribute to Moonbin and asked the public not to spread rumors or invade his family’s privacy at this difficult time. Sources claim that his death was caused by suicide.

What happened to Moonbin?

ASTRO’s Moonbin, who was a member of the Gangnam district in Seoul, died at his home on April 19, at around 8:10 PM KST. This discovery caused great sadness among the Kpop community. The 25-year old artist was participating in the DIFFUSION Fan Con Tour with Sanha, as part of subunit promotions.

Yonhap News first reported the heartbreaking news, indicating that Moonbin died as a result a suicide. According to reports the singer’s manager found him unresponsive and immediately requested help. A full autopsy is still pending. The Seoul Gangnam Police Station said that it appeared Moonbin committed suicide and that a cause of death will be determined following an autopsy.

When did Moobin die?

Moonbin was a Kpop star, and a member in the boyband Astro. He was found dead April 19, 2023. Moonbin, according to local media, was found unconscious at his Gangnam residence on Wednesday night, citing police reports. Fantagio posted a statement in Korean on its official Twitter page early Thursday. It said, “On April 19, Astro’s Moon Bin left our world unexpectedly and became a celestial star.”

The cause of death has not been disclosed. A statement was issued asking people to “refrain” from making malicious or speculative reports so that his family could pay their respects privately. Moonbin was also known as Moonbin and performed with a subgroup named Moonbin & Sanha.

K-Pop Star Moon Bin from ASTRO Dies at 25

Moon Bin, K-pop singer and member of boy band Astro has died at age 25, according to a Fantagio announcement on Thursday. Moon Bin was described as having “suddenly gone and become a star in heaven” by the statement posted on Instagram. According to Yonhap, his manager discovered him dead at home in the southern part of Seoul around 8:10 pm on Wednesday.

The music label said that in mourning the loss of the star, all Astro, Fantagio, colleagues, executives and employees who have been together for many years were deeply saddened. The statement also said that the grief of the star’s family was “incomparable.” The label asked people to refrain from “speculative or malicious reports” during the time of grief for the family. Moon Bin made his debut with Astro in 2016, and also performed in a subgroup named Moon Bin & Sanha that toured Asia in the recent months.

Moonbin Member of K-pop group Astro death

Fantagio, his agency, released a statement which read: “This is Fantagio.” We apologize first for the heartbreaking and sad news. ASTRO member Moonbin left us suddenly on April 19 and is now a star in space.

“Although the pain of his colleagues and staff at Fantagio who have worked with him for many years is not comparable to that of the family, they are all deeply saddened by the loss. We are even more saddened to have to break this news to Moonbin’s fans, who have shown their unwavering love and support. We know how much Moonbin loved his fans and was always thinking about them. The grief is even more overwhelming because we are so aware of this.

We ask you to refrain from making speculative and malicious reports. This will allow the grieving family to mourn their loved one in peace, saying goodbye. According to the wishes of bereaved families, the funeral will take place as quietly as possible with close family friends and agency colleagues present.

Moon Bin Bio

NameMoon Bin
DOBJanuary 26, 1998Cheongju, North Chungcheong, South Korea
DiedApril 19, 2023 (age 25)Gangnam Seoul, South Korea
EducationHanlim Multi Art School
Work – OccupationsSingerThe following are some examples of the use ofDancerModels
Height6 ft 0. in
RelativesMoon Sua (sister)
Formerly known asAstronomical SignsMoonbin & Sanha

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