Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong Cause of Death: What Happened To Dooce?

Check out this article to find out how Heather Armstrong, the Mommy Blogger died.

Heather Armstrong: Who Was She?

Heather Armstrong, also known as Dooce, was a popular social media influencer who died at 47 years old, according to an Instagram message. Pete Ashdown shared the sad news on her Instagram account, using her full name as well as various aliases. A quote was also included in the post, as well as a message encouraging people to cherish those they love. Armstrong had been recognized in the past as a leader of the “mommy blog” community. She died in Utah on Tuesday.

Her boyfriend wrote: “Heather Brooke Hamilton, Heather B. Armstrong, Dooce or love of my Life. July 19, 1975 – May 9, 2023 “It takes an ocean to not break. Hold your loved one close and love everyone.”

Heather Armstrong, Mommy Blogger Cause of Death

Pete Ashdown, Heather Armstrong’s partner, confirmed that a statement made to a third party indicated Heather Armstrong committed suicide. Official cause has not yet been revealed. On Tuesday night, he found her in their Salt Lake City home. Ashdown revealed that although the cause of death was not officially announced, she had relapsed following a sobriety period of more than 18 month.

Armstrong is credited as a pioneer of the “mommy blog” movement. She was known for her honesty about her battles with alcoholism and depression. She became famous in the early 2000s for sharing candidly her experiences as a mother and wife on her blog She began writing it in 2001, and often drew her inspiration from her own children’s lives.

What happened to Dooce?

Heather Armstrong has remained open and honest about her struggles, despite her growing popularity. She announced publicly her divorce in 2012 from her husband Jon Armstrong. The couple had two children, Leta Else (born 2004,) and Marlo iris (born 2009). Armstrong also spoke candidly about her struggle with sobriety. She wrote in her last blog post, “On the 8th of October 2021, I celebrated six months sobriety on my floor, feeling like a wounded creature who wanted to die alone.”

“No one in my entire life could have possibly understood how symbolic of a victory this was for me. It was a victory that was so accompanied by tears and sobbing, I was sure my body was going to split at one point. I was swept away by a tsunami of grief. “For a few days, I had trouble breathing.”

Heather Armstrong, a pioneering mommy blogger

Heather Armstrong and her ex-husband Jon Armstrong have two children: Leta (19 years old) and Marlo (13) She began dating Pete Ashdown in 2013, six years after the couple divorced. According to Variety, Armstrong’s popularity increased and she was able secure sponsorships with major brands like Ford and Clorox.

Armstrong’s success resulted in her inclusion in Forbes’ list of the Most Influential Media Women in 2009, and in that year she appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Armstrong’s online fame began to decline in the late 2010, but she continued to openly share her experiences of alcoholism and depression. She also discussed her treatment, which included an induced medical coma.

Heather Armstrong Death

According to sources, Armstrong was living with Pete Ashdown (her partner) and her two daughters, Leta (19), and Marlo (13) at the time of death. Armstrong, a published writer with four books under her belt, posted her last blog post on on April 6 discussing her 18-month sobriety. After her death was announced on Instagram, her many devoted fans expressed their condolences as well as their gratitude for her impact on their lives.

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