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Michael Rhodes’ Wife Lindsay Fairbanks, and Children: Michael Rhodes is a well-known bassist in music. He has worked with many legendary musicians over his career. Many people are curious about his personal life and his relationship with Lindsay Fairbanks, his wife, and their families.

We will be looking at their relationship, the children and Lindsay’s age. This article will give you interesting insight into Michael’s family and personal life, whether you are a long-time Michael fan or just curious.

Lindsay Fairbanks, Wife of Michael Rhodes Relationship Timeline

Michael Rhodes, a bassist in the music business, is well-known. He has worked with many famous musicians over the years. Many people are curious about Rhodes’ personal life, especially his relationship with Lindsay Fairbanks and their families. We will examine their relationship, their children and Lindsay’s age in this article.

Lindsay Fairbanks and Michael Rhodes have been married for many years. However, it is not known when their marriage took place. In 2015, however, Michael posted a picture of Lindsay on Facebook, calling her his “beautiful spouse.”

They seem to be very private about their relationship, since there isn’t much information on their timeline. They are seen together at many music events and were spotted together on vacation in Hawaii.

Michael Rhodes Kids and Children

Abtc.ng reports that Michael Rhodes has two children. One is named Justice, the other Lily. There is not much information about his children and their ages.

Lindsay Fairbanks, Michael Rhodes’ wife, is how old are they?

According to medicotopics.com Lindsay Fairbanks Rhodes was a 49-year-old woman when she was born in 1974.

Lindsay Fairbanks and Michael Rhodes have been married for many years. However, they keep their relationship private. Lindsay, who is 49 years old, has two children with Michael. Although there is not much information about their personal lives available, it is clear that their musical talents have made an impact on the music industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

  • Who is Michael Rhodes, and how did he get there?

Michael Rhodes, a well-known bassist who has worked with many legendary musicians over the years, is Michael Rhodes.

  • When did Michael Rhodes get married?

It is not known when Lindsay Fairbanks and Michael Rhodes got married.

  • How many children has Michael Rhodes had?

Michael Rhodes is the father of two children: Justice, a son, and Lily, a daughter.

  • How old is Lindsay Fairbanks?

Lindsay Fairbanks Rhodes was conceived in 1974. She would have been 49 years old by 2023.

  • Which famous artists has Michael Rhodes collaborated with?

Michael Rhodes has collaborated with many famous musicians including Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Taylor Swift.

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