Metadoro CFD Tools

Companies providing access to trading on financial markets try to diversify the available instruments as much as possible. Retail traders preferred currency pairs and practically did not trade other asset categories even 10 years ago. Now the situation has changed dramatically. The stock market has pulled ahead after the coronavirus pandemic, although the volumes are still inferior to the currency pairs. Metadoro offers over 1.000 trading instruments, most of which are presented in the form of CFDs. Let’s consider all types of contracts.

What is CFD in Metadoro? 

Previously, it was required to have a separate account directly for the stock market. Usually, traders open it with another company specializing specifically in this segment. Such a form of work is not very convenient. The community of traders asked to combine several markets within one trading terminal. It is the reason for the development of CFD contracts. This new type of trading instrument is also in high demand in Metadoro.

The abbreviation «CFD» stands for Contract for Difference. The contract is based on some underlying asset, such as oil. If the oil quote goes up, the cost of CFDs on oil also rises, likewise with the price reduction. The contract completely repeats the movements of the underlying asset, so trading in such contracts is no different from working with the underlying asset itself. Metadoro offers many other CFD options to its clients.

Energy and Metals CFDs at Metadoro

This category of contracts for differences in value is pretty popular. It attracts attention during periods of high prices and instability in the global economy. Volatility increases, so trading opportunities are also growing. Metadoro offers the following tools for this sector of the commodity market:

  • Light and heavy oils
  • Natural gas
  • Gold and silver

CFDs on Stock Market Trading Instruments

It is the most extensive category of contracts in Metadoro and contains all the principal trading instruments of the market’s stock sector. Let’s list the types:

  • Shares of companies
  • Stock indices
  • Bonds
  • Exchange-traded funds

As you know, various instruments are relevant for investors in different periods of the world economic cycle. Stocks are in demand while the market grows, and participants sell shares and buy bonds when they see a downturn.

Many Metadoro reviews note the great variety and broad opportunities for clients to create stock portfolios, including classic «all-weather» options that are relevant for an extended period. It is assumed that the investor creates such a portfolio once and then balances it depending on what is happening in the market. Metadoro is quite suitable for making long-term and short-term decisions with its hundreds of stocks, indices and bonds.

Cryptocurrency CFDs

The digital asset market is showing impressive development dynamics. The capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has already exceeded $1 trillion over the past 2 years. This sum is comparable to the capitalization of the world’s largest corporations. The market has impressive prospects. That is why the Metadoro service offers its clients the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies.

The main advantage of such CFDs is trading without opening unique wallets for each coin. All operations are carried out in one terminal, so traders do not have to switch between them or use other programs. Such an opportunity allows customers to track all markets simultaneously by switching tabs within the Metatrader terminal.

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