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Larry Mahan, a prominent rodeo cowboy and family man, was well known for his love of children. He was the proud father of Lisa, Ty and Eliza Mahan.

Larry Mahan won six rodeo world championships. He won two world bull riding championships on the Rodeo Cowboy Association Circuit at the NFR.

He is no more. He died on May 7, 2023. After a three-year battle with bone marrow carcinoma, he died on 7 May 2023.

Mahan died at home, surrounded his family.

Larry Mahan led a wonderful family that included his three children. Let’s find out more about the children of the late rodeo Cowboy – Lisa Ty and Eliza Mahan – in today’s article.

Larry Mahan: Father of Three Children

Larry Mahan, a loving father to Lisa, Ty, and Eliza Mahan, was an exemplary role model.Larry Mahan and his first daughter, Lisa Mahan.

Three times he was married. Darlene was his first wife. Mahan’s first wife welcomed Lisa and Ty Mahna as his two oldest children.

Darlene Mahan and Larry Mahan were married from the early 1960s until 1973. The rodeo cowboy moved from Los Angeles to Los Angeles after divorcing Darlene.

In 1982, he married his second wife Robin. Eliza was born to the couple.

Larry Mahan then met his third wife, Julane. This marriage also did not last, and the couple parted in 2009.

Lisa Mahan is the first child of her parents

Lisa Mahan was the oldest child to the late Cowboy. She was born 16 September 1962.

Larry did not miss the birth of his first child despite his busy career. Mahan wrote on social media that it was a privilege to see her grow up from a small infant to the woman she is now.

Lisa’s father says that people are attracted to her big heart, kindness and personality. Mahan says his oldest daughter is also an animal lover and has inherited her father’s good horsemanship.

Larry Mahan said that he could not imagine his life without Lisa Mahan.

Ty Mahan, the son of Larry Mahan, passed away in 2020

Ty Mahan , the only son of the legendary rodeo Cowboy, , died from a heartattack in October 2020. Ty Mahan was 53 at the time.Ty Mahan is the only child of Larry Mahan.

Ty Mahan, was born in January 1967. He brought great blessings to his family.

Ty spent a year at Deerfield Prep School in Massachusetts. He spent a full semester at the University of Texas at Austin after earning his law degree.

He didn’t enjoy law school, so he turned to triathlon and won several Iron Man races. Ty had to stop racing after a heart condition forced him to do so. He also required several surgeries.

Ty Mahan, who had given up his athletic career to devote his time to groups educating people on addiction problems, has now dedicated his time and energy towards these groups. Larry Mahan told his son that he was very proud.

Ty Mahan also engaged Kristina, who is a pharmacist and a graduate of University of Texas, Austin. He died in 2020.

Eliza Mahan is the youngest child of Larry Mahan

Larry Mahan’s youngest child was born to his second wife Robin. Eliza , born 2, December 1987.Eliza Mahan, the youngest of Larry Mahan’s children, is a young woman.

Eliza Mahan’s parents lived in Camp Verde, between Kerrville & Bandera at the time of her birth. Eliza Mahan has a bright and beautiful personality. Mahan, the youngest of the Mahans, also graduated from University of Texas at Austin.

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