MEDLAB2020 SCAM: Read About The Scam?


This article will give you all the information that you need to know if Scam is true or false.

Are you looking for an online portal that offers covid testing? Have you been referred to the Medlab 2020 website?

Many people living in the United States or other countries tend to scrutinize various details before making an investment.

Did Medlab Create a Scam in 2020?

Medlab2020 Scam. Although we didn’t find any fraud at Medlab2020 we found that they had been online for more than two years. A popular review-giving website also revealed that Medlab2020 was not capable of following their policies.

Customers have had multiple issues, and this platform is not recommended for covid testing.

Validity of Medlab 2020

  • Medlab’s domain was created on 29 July 2020. They have been running their business since then.
  • Medlab 2020 has an average trust score, with just 35%.
  • Medlab 2020 will be ending its domain on the 29th July 2023. However, it is still possible for it to be renewed.
  • Medlab does not have any social media accounts.
  • Please contact us using the form below.
  • We didn’t find any reviews left by customers on Medlab portal. This raises concerns about Medlab2020.
  • The owner of this website has not revealed any details about their motive.


  • The Medlab team provided a telephone number (714) 974-2025 for developers.
  • Medlab customers may email Medlab with this id
  • No social media accounts like Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook are being used.
  • Customers may visit Medlab Mon – Fri 09:00 – 5:00. Saturday and Sunday appointments can only be made by appointment.
  • SSL and HTTPS certificates were installed. Customers can now protect their data with SSL and HTTPS certificates.
  • Customers have multiple payment options, including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

PROS will provide information about the scam as well as legit.

  • Medlab employees can be described as decent.
  • Covid testing is cheaper than other services.
  • Customers can choose to pay using multiple payment options.

CONS for Medlab 2020:

  • Medlab 2020 instruction and management have not been offered.
  • Covid testing must be requested several times before it can be granted.
  • Medlab has a complex privacy policy.
  • No information is available about the owner.
  • This is a substitute website and the original website received a lower score.

In Last :

Medlab2020 Scam. After extensive research, we did not find any reports about scams in Medlab 2020. We found many details that were not online, and our trust score was average.

Have you had any experience with online covid testing? Please share your opinions.

Scam: Commonly Asked Questions-

Q1. Are there any suspicious information found on Medlab website?

There has not been any scam results.

Q2. Official physical address for Medlab?

1594 N Main Street, ORANGE CA 92867

Q3. What is the cost of a covid test?

$300 per PCR testing

Q4. Can an insurance policy be used to pay the money


Q5. Customers receive their results?

Within 48 hours

Q6. Customers get results route?

Email and SMS

Q7. What type of covid test done in Medlab 2020?




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