Masters Fan: Read Aaliyah Kikumoto Wikipedia!

Charles Kikumoto and A.J. Kikumoto are both enjoying the viral news about their daughter. Here’s all you need to be aware of.

Aaliyah is a Texas-based cheerleader who has a large fan base across her social media accounts, including and Instagram.

She has been using Instagram since 2019 and posted her first photo on June 28, 2019. She has made a lot of progress and now has over 15k Instagram followers.

Kikumoto has also made headlines for her recent attendance at the Augusta National Golf Competition. Aliyah appeared on TV. As the cameras focused on Spain’s Jon Rahm, and U.S. Golfer Brooke Koepka in the 16th hole.

A 15-second video clip shared by TikTok has caught the attention of many and they are curious to learn more about Aaliyah.

Aaliyah’s parents Charles and A.J. Kikumoto are Masters fans?

Aaliyah Kikumoto, born in the United States of America to Charles Kikumoto and A.J. Aaliyah Kikumoto was born in the United States of America to Charles Kikumoto (Father) and A.J. Aaliyah and her parents have been in the spotlight since the recent golf tournament.

Charles Kikumoto is active on Twitter. He’s been on Twitter since May 2018.

Charles, wearing a Texas Tech cap, gained some fame after he was mentioned in social media posts. Charles responded to a tweet by saying:Aaliyah Kikumoto and her father Charles Kikumoto participated in the Augusta National Golf Competition.

“Yes, I’m enjoying Easter at the Masters with my TTU Pom Squad hat on.” Aaliyah, our daughter, wears the green master’s cap and is going to Tech. Wreck’em !”

Aaliyah’s mom, A.J. has also had a Twitter account since 2014. Her bio states that she is the CEO at Queen Publishing Agency.

Furthermore, A.J. A.J.

Aaliyah Kikumoto Wikipedia Explored

Aaliyah is from Colorado and is part of the pom squad at her school. Aaliyah Kikumoto is a native of Colorado and a member of her school’s pom squad.

Kikumoto’s name is also listed on the Texas Tech Pom Squad roster for 2022-2023. The Texas college student and her father, Charles, attended the Augusta tournament recently.Aaliyah posted a picture on her Instagram before attending Augusta National Masters 2023.

Kikumoto seems to be enjoying her new moniker, ‘Masters Girl. She has also posted a few snaps on Instagram. You can find her there under the name @aaliyahkikumoto.

Aaliyah’s Age and the Family of Her Sisters

Aaliyah was born to American parents. She is therefore an American citizen. She will be 20 in 2023.

The cheerleader is very protective of her privacy and has not revealed much about her past.Aaliyah’s mother A.J. Kikumoto is the mother to six children.

Kikumoto was not raised by her parents alone, but with her siblings. A.J. is her mother, according to the Twitter bio of A.J. A.J.

Kikumoto is close to her siblings and you can see them in her Instagram photos.

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