Martin Lewis Illness: What Illness Does Martin Lewis Have?

This article provides details about Martin Lewis’ illness. Find out what impact it has had on his career and life, and how he is managing his health issues.

Who is Martin Lewis?

Martin Steven Lewis, CBE, is an English financial journalist and broadcaster born on May 9th 1972. He is the founder of, a website that provides financial advice to people in the UK. In 2012, Lewis sold his website to for up to PS87million. Lewis was born and raised in Manchester’s suburb of Didsbury.

As a young child, his parents moved to Norley, a rural village in Cheshire. His father was appointed headmaster of Delamere Forest School. It was a Jewish special education school. Lewis’ mother Susan Lewis, who was hit by a truck while riding a horse, died tragically when he was 11. He became the patron of Grief Encounter, a charity for children who have lost a parent. He also advocated life insurance.

Martin Lewis Illness

There is currently no information available about his illness. Martin Lewis, an expert in finance, posted about his health on Twitter in 2022. He reported a high fever, body aches and hot and cold flashes. However, he did not have a cold or cough. He assured his followers that the illness was not COVID-19, but asked whether anyone else experienced similar symptoms.

Martin’s Tweet received more than 1,400 responses, many of which were from fans and celebrities who expressed their support. Martin’s fans suggested that he test for COVID-19 using both nasal and throat swabs, since this can provide a more accurate outcome. Some people advised Martin not to assume that he did not have COVID-19. LFTs aren’t always 100% accurate and it’s possible for a positive result to come back after a false negative.

Is Martin Lewis Ill?

At this time, there are no details about his condition. Martin is happy with his family. Martin stated that in 2022 he took multiple LFTs and they were all negative, making it unlikely that he was carrying COVID-19. He did admit that he was not feeling well, and that he was waking up at night because of the illness.

Lara, Martin’s spouse, revealed recently that she was involved in an electric scooter accident, forcing her to take one week off from work. She posted a selfie to her followers showing large cuts on her nose, lip and head. She also admitted she was “extremely clumsy.” Lewis went to The King’s School in Chester, a private institution.

He was called “Jew” by his classmates because he is one of the only two Jewish boys from his class. He then pursued a degree at the London School of Economics in Government and law, followed in 1997 by a postgraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Cardiff University’s Centre for Journalism Studies. Lewis was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Business Administration by the University of Chester, in recognition of his accomplishments.

What illness does Martin Lewis have?

Martin Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert and financial expert, took to social networks to express his concerns regarding his health. In a June 8, 2021 tweet, Lewis said that he had a mystery disease and asked for his fans to guess what it might be. He asked his fans if they had ever experienced anything similar, and for how long the illness lasted. Martin’s spouse also had similar symptoms, suggesting that the illness is contagious.

Lewis was born in 1972 in Withington Hospital, Manchester. He lived in Didsbury with his family before moving to Norley village in rural Cheshire as a young child. His father was the headmaster at Delamere Forest School – a Jewish school that caters to students with special needs. Lewis’ mother Susan Lewis died when he was only 11 years old in a horse-riding accident that involved a lorry. Lewis became a life insurance advocate and patron of Grief Encounter, a children’s charity for bereavement.

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