Louisville Bank Shooter Connor Sturgeon Brother Cameron: Check Details Here

Cameron Sturgeon, Connor’s brother, is still in shock after the shooting at Louisville Bank. Let’s learn everything we can about the Sturgeon family.

Connor Sturgeon was the gunman responsible for the shooting spree at the Old National Bank in Louisville. He killed four people and left at least nine other injured.

Everyone was devastated by the tragic incident that occurred on April 10, 2023. Many have also lost loved ones. Police responded by also killing the shooter, who was identified as a bank worker.

Connor was a livestreaming video on Instagram during the shooting. However, Instagram had already removed the clip. Joshua Barrick, 40, Thomas Elliott, 63, Juliana Farmer (45), and James Tutt (64) were the victims of the shooting.

People are now searching for more information about Connor, the shooter. We’ve covered everything in the following.

Louisville Bank Shooter Connor Sturgeon Brothers Cameron

Connor Sturgeon was the son of Todd and Lisa Sturgeon, who were both parents. He was born Connor James Sturgeon on February 11, 1998. Cameron, his brother, was his father’s child.

The Sturgeon siblings were born in Greenville, Indiana. Sturgeon attended Floyd Central High School, Floyds Knobs. His dad was a basketball coach during that time.

The family of four survived happily. However, they were all shocked when Connor opened a mass shooting that also resulted in their deaths. Although there is not much information about Cameron, sources claim that he is a professional photographer.

Connor Sturgeon, Brother Cameron Age Gap Revealed

Connor Sturgeon was only 25 at the time of his passing. We don’t have enough information about his brother’s age to share his age.

We do know, however, that Connor was the older of the two children. His brother Cameron was also younger than him. It seems that the Sturgeon brothers share a strong bond.Connor Sturgeon’s Instagram account has been deleted after the shooting. Source: Facebook

They used spend most of their time with their families. We can see family photos that have gone viral after the mass shooting at the bank.

Cameron, who is a professional model, is also interested in other things than basketball like his brother or dad. People are also offering condolences to the Sturgeon family via social media. They will be kept in their thoughts and prayers.

What Was Connor Sturgeon’s Net Worth?

We know that Connor Sturgeon worked for the bank, and that he may have had a substantial net worth. The information about how much he earned cannot be shared because none of the verified outlets has the info.

According to reports, the average annual salary for a bank worker is $46,543. Connor worked long hours and was able to claim that he earned more than the average salary.

His Linkedin profile reveals that he is talented. Connor was also a member of the Young Professionals board of Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana.

Some sources claim that Connor would be fired or suspended from his bank job. This is why he opened Fire. It is not clear if this rumor is true or false.

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