Liz Parnov Olympian Pole Vault: Know The Olympic Pole Vault Star!

Liz Parnov Olympian Pole Vault. Liz Parnov, an Australian pole vaulter, has made a name of herself in both her country and on the international stage. Born in Perth, Liz Parnov began her athletic career as a gymnast, but she quickly switched to pole vaulting when she was just 16 years old. She has participated in many competitions including the Commonwealth Games and World Junior Championships. Liz Parnov is also known for her friendship with Daniel Bradshaw (an ex-Australian rules football player and entrepreneur).

This article will discuss Liz Parnov’s professional life and personal life. We will also answer some common questions about the athlete.

Liz Parnov – The Olympic Pole Vault Star, and Her Personal Life

The name Liz Parnov is synonymous with pole vaulting Australia. In 2010, she made her debut at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. She was the youngest ever Australian track and field competitor to compete at the Commonwealth Games. She has also participated in many other international competitions since then, including the 2012 London Olympics.

Fans are curious about Liz Parnov’s personal and marital life. This article will examine Liz Parnov’s professional and personal lives.

Liz Parnov’s Career

Born in Perth, Australia in 1994, Liz Parnov started her athletic career as a gymnast. She soon discovered her passion for pole vaulting, and she began training in this discipline. She won several competitions in Australia thanks to her hard work, including the Australian Athletics Championships and the National Junior Championships.

Liz Parnov made her international debut in 2010 at the Commonwealth Games, Delhi. She finished sixth. She continued to compete in international competitions such as the World Junior Championships and the World University Games.

Liz Parnov’s Personal Life

Liz Parnov, an Australian rules football player and entrepreneur, is well-known off the track for her relationship to Daniel Bradshaw. They have been together since 2018, and can often be seen together at events in Perth, where they both live.

Although Liz Parnov isn’t married, she has expressed her desire to start a family. She spoke out about her desire to have children in a PerthNow interview. It’s “just a matter time and making sure I can balance everything.”


  • When did Liz Parnov start pole vaulting?

After a transition from gymnastics as a teenager, Liz Parnov began pole vaulting.

  • What are the international competitions Liz Parnov has participated in?

Liz Parnov participated in many international competitions including the Commonwealth Games and World Junior Championships.

  • Who is Liz Parnov’s boyfriend?

Daniel Bradshaw is Liz Parnov’s boyfriend. He is an entrepreneur and former Australian rules football player.

  • Is Liz Parnov married?

No, Liz Parnov has never been married.

  • Liz Parnov plans to have children?

Yes, Liz Parnov expressed her desire to have children in the future.

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