Lifeomic Scam {Sep 2022} Know The Genuine Details!

Lifeomic Scam

To find out whether Lifeomic is a fraud or not, you should go through the entire article on Lifeomic scam and stay connected to us to read more of our blogs.

Have you heard of the Lifeomic Company before? Do you believe they’re frauds? If you don’t know the subject matter We will ask that you read the following article. Lifeomic is an Subchapter S Corporation situated in the United States.

Many people from Canada as well as other states are interested in knowing whether Lifeomic is a fraud or is it not. You should read this Lifeomic Scam report carefully if you wish to know more about the business. Let’s dive into the story.

Is Lifeomic a fraud?

As we mentioned earlier, Lifeomic is the Subchapter S Corporation. It is located within Indianapolis, Indiana. It has 90 employees working for this firm. Through the payroll protection program, Lifeomic requested the Small Business Administration for a PPP loan of 1723400 USD. Lifeomic claimed they took the loan to pay wages for their workers.

However, there is no evidence regarding any evidence of the lifeomic Scam. Yes, you read it right. After extensive research we have not found any evidence that suggests Lifeomic has ever been involved in scams. In the event that employees from Lifeomic stated they did not receive any money after they took loans, we may declare it a fraud. However, Lifeomic isn’t associated with any scams or fraud. They were genuinely able to use this loan in order to fund for the salary.

A few important facts regarding The Lifeomic Scam :

As we have mentioned before, Lifeomic did not do any fraud. They have provided the motive of getting the money. There are a few things that we need to be discussing with you.

  1. Lifeomic said that they paid 1723400 USD in order to pay the salaries of their employees.
  2. They also stated that they had not abused the loan or in some way.
  3. The Lifeomic team was honest, worthy, and fair with the loan.

Details about the business– lifeomic scam :

  • LifeOmic’s address LifeOmic is 351, W 10th Street, Indianapolis.
  • The area code is 46202-3008.
  • On October 4, 2020 The Small Business Administration approved the loan amount of 1723400 dollars.
  • KeyBank National Association in Cleveland was the lender for the loan.
  • The 11th of May, 2020 The Small Business Administration forgave the amount of 1732748.85 USD for this loan.

The Last Words:

It’s real that Lifeomic has not committed any type of fraud. Therefore, we can’t label them as fraudsters. This concludes this week’s Lifeomic Scam article. Click here to find out the details about the scams of loan lenders and other scams.

Have you been victimized by any scams? Comment below with your experiences.



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