Liam Graham Missing: Where Is Liam Graham Now?

Liam Graham Missing: Stay updated on Liam Graham’s enigmatic disappearance, the search for him and ongoing investigation and learn what transpired to Liam Graham.

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Who is Liam Graham?

Liam Graham was a man who was from Medway. The person who is in question was Liam Graham, a 22-year-old who’s last known location were located near Stoke Road at approximately 1 am on the 22nd of July 2023.

Liam Graham is described as an white male of medium build, with short hair and a beard that is short.

Liam Graham Missing

Kent Police has issued an urgent call for help the search for a teenager unaccounted for of Hoo located in Medway. Authorities have expressed increasing concern about Liam’s security and well-being, which has led to their request for the public’s assistance in the search for the missing man. Liam is aged 22.

Based on the information provided, Liam is of Caucasian race, with moderate build, and is characterized by short hair that is which is complemented by a neatly cut beard. The authorities who are in charge of the matter are feeling the growing worry and concern for Liam’s health.

What Happened to Liam Graham?

Liam Graham has gone missing from Hoo in Medway just before 1 am. When he went missing, disappearance dressed in blue navy shorts and a blue shirt.

In a bid to speedily get Liam back to his safety, Kent Police is urging anyone who has information about Liam’s whereabouts, or any other leads that could be relevant to share information and get in touch with the authorities as soon as possible. The quick response of the public could help in reuniting Liam with his family and friends and in ensuring his safety in this difficult time.

Liam Graham Missing Update

Based on the present, police are becoming increasingly concerned about the health of Liam Graham and have launched an appeal for information that might provide clues to his whereabouts.

When he went missing, disappearance Liam had on navy blue jeans and blue shirt. Family and friends and the police are looking for any clues that may assist in the search for him. Anyone who has information that is relevant is encouraged to share it and help to aid in search efforts.

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