Leigh Sales Partner: Is Leigh Sales Married?

Leigh Sales Partner: Leigh Sales, a well-known Australian journalist who is also a television presenter, has made a name in the media industry. Her exceptional reporting skills have brought her to the forefront, while her personal life has been an interesting topic for many. We will be discussing Leigh Sales’ spouse and whether or not she is married.

Leigh Sales Partner:

Phil Willis is the sales partner and a well-known author and playwright. Phil Willis, originally from the UK, is well-known for his work in theater and television. He is the author of several plays including “Dolly’s Trailer”, “Chosen” and “Doctor Who.” In 2013, he met Phil Willis, and they were married in private in 2017. They have lived happily married lives ever since.

Is Leigh Sales married?

Yes, Leigh Sales is married to Phil Willis. In 2017, the couple were married in private. They have been together for many years and have always been supportive of one another’s career. Sales had a long-term relationship before she married Phil Willis. This was with her ex-partner, who is no longer in public view.


  • Who are Leigh Sales?

Leigh Sales, an Australian journalist and TV presenter, has worked in the media industry for many years.

  • Who is Leigh Sales’ partner in crime?

Phil Willis is Leigh Sales’ partner and a well-known author and playwright.

  • When was Leigh Sales married?

In 2017, Leigh Sales married Phil Willis in private.

  • Who was Leigh Sales’ ex-partner?

Leigh Sales’ ex-partner is not known to the public.

  • Is Leigh Sales a mother?

Rumours that Leigh Sales was pregnant have circulated, but she has not denied or confirmed them.

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