Learn the Tips that a Teen Should Follow to Compose a Good CV

Learn the Tips that a Teen Should Follow to Compose a Good CV

It’s time to prepare your first résumé if you’re a teen seeking part-time employment. Even though you might not require one to apply, having a résumé might help you land a job. You’re probably a teen looking for work if you’re reading this! When you have little to no experience and are just starting a career, it can be challenging to develop a résumé and locate work. But don’t worry; you can find your way with the help of this guide! First, let’s look at the significance of having a good resume.

Why should teens have a good resume?

Your resume serves as a link between you and the potential employer. Consequently, the value of a resume should never be understated. A resume is an essential tool in a job hunt since it gives you one or two pages to emphasize your most excellent and relevant skills and qualities. Employers use resumes to decide who to hire, and having one handy after filing a job application might help you land your first interview. You should check your resume’s format and the information you decide to include if you’re looking for work. Here are the perks you can have with a good resume—-

  • You may promote the abilities you’ve acquired throughout the years with the help of a well-written resume. You can describe to the recruiter all of the talents you have obtained from your previous employment and how you plan to apply them to the benefit of the potential employer.
  • It is essential to have a professionally written resume that may present you as an excellent professional or as a budding professional who is prepared to confront this demanding world to demonstrate your knowledge, abilities, experience, expertise, and achievements.
  • Your CV will persuade the recruiters that you are the best-qualified applicant for the position being offered or not before you show up for the in-person interview.

Recruiters can exert little effort to scan and thoroughly review your resume to comprehend your profile because an excellent resume summarises your career. Ensure your resume’s summary section is strong enough to provide a concise overview of your career. Several teens still wonder about the way to write a good CV. The below passage will guide them to compose an excellent CV. Also, you can hire the CV writing services.

What tips should a teen follow to write a good CV?

Make sure to include all relevant information on your high school resume in a format that is accepted as being standard. Your CV should provide your contact information and qualifications. To learn more, use the guidelines provided here.

Use a plain structure and font

Make use of a resume template to help you write. By consulting examples, you may pick what material to include and how to style your resume. Pick a clear, conventional format. It must be simple to read and have a formal appearance. The hiring manager will notice your material more clearly if it is written in a typeface like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri since it looks beautiful.

Limit the length of your resume to one page

Generally speaking, your resume should be one page at maximum. As a youngster, you’re probably just starting the business, so you should keep your resume to one page. Sometimes, people who have worked in the same area long have a longer CV that extends over a single page.


Your name will be listed first, followed by your contact information. Include your phone number, email address, and address (or, at the very least, the town or city). Separately, ensure that the email address you enter is formal and has both your and last names.


The summary is crucial since it functions as your sales presentation and is what employers will notice first. Here, you must briefly describe yourself, your top qualifications and skills, and the position you are seeking. Instead of discussing what you intend to get from the position, focus more on what you can provide.

Highlight your academic achievements

You spend a lot of your time as a student in the classroom. Highlight accomplishments like a solid GPA or any academic honors. Include any courses you have done that are relevant to the position you are looking for. You can go through the templates and the cv examples for 16 year olds.


Because you won’t have much professional experience as a teenager, you must demonstrate your abilities in this section. Make sure your skills are appropriate for the position you’re applying for. Use technical talents relevant to the position, such as software programs and programming languages, as well as transferrable qualities like communication and collaboration.

Additional sections

If additional parts are required, you can include them. The content of these sections should suit your needs. You could include a section outlining your language abilities, the honours you have received, your interests and hobbies, or even your business endeavours. In light of your potential need for more professional experience, highlight your extracurricular pursuits. Clubs, athletics, tutoring, and volunteer work are a few examples. Your talents and abilities may be demonstrated in all of these activities.

Add references

The recruiter may verify your experience and professionalism by asking for references. You can list professors, placement managers, athletic team coaches, or anybody else who has collaborated with you professionally. Before including their contact information in your paper, communicate with your possible references and let them know you will do so.


A CV should be personalized to your experiences and the career demands you’re applying for. Before sending your CV, thoroughly proofread it. Your resume will present you as a polished applicant if it is neat and error-free. Ask a friend or member of your family to read your CV as well. It might be challenging to recognize your spelling and grammar mistakes.



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