Kenan Thompson Girlfriend: Check Her All Details Here!

Kenan Thompson Girlfriend – Kenan Thompson, an American comedian and actor, has been entertaining audiences for over a decade. Thompson is a well-known figure in the entertainment business, from his days on Nickelodeon’s ‘All That’ to his current role on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. What about Thompson’s personal life? There has been much buzz about Aria Lisslo, Thompson’s girlfriend. This article will cover everything you need about Kenan Thompson and Aria Lisslo’s relationship.

Kenan Thomson Girlfriend Name and age:

Aria Lisslo, Kenan Thompson’s girlfriend, is Aria Lisslo. She is a singer/model who was born in 2003. This makes her twenty-years old by 2023. Although not much is known about her childhood, she has made waves in the entertainment business recently.

Kenan Thompson New Girlfriend:

Thompson and Lisslo first became acquainted in 2022, when they were spotted at an ice rink. They have been seen together at many events including concerts and fashion shows. Thompson’s new girlfriend surprised many of his fans, who had been married for several years to Christina Evangeline.

Evie Magazine reports that Thompson and Lisslo met at the tender age of 19 years. She was a student at Saturday Night Live, where Thompson is a cast member. They became friends and Thompson became a mentor for Lisslo. After being friends for many years, they finally began a relationship.

Thompson hasn’t been open about his relationship to Lisslo. However, fans have been following their social media accounts for updates. Thompson and Lisslo have shared several photos on their Instagram pages, including one in which they are wearing matching outfits.


  • What is Kenan Thompson’s girlfriend age?

Aria Lisslo, who was born in 2003 is now 20 years old.

  • What is the secret to Kenan Thompson’s and Aria Lisslo’s meeting?

Thompson and Lisslo met while she was an intern at “Saturday Night Live,” which Thompson is a member of. They were friends for many years before finally getting together.

  • How long has Kenan Thompson been with Aria Lisslo for?

Thompson and Lisslo first met in 2022, and they have been going to events together ever since.

  • What does Aria Lisslo do for a living?

Lisslo can be described as a singer or model.

  • Was Kenan Thompson married before?

Yes, Thompson was married to Christina Evangeline. In 2021, they filed for divorce.

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