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The autopsy report of Keira Kagan has been searched on the internet as Keira’s death prompts Ontario judges get domestic violence training.

Jennifer Kagan wipes away a tear before she regains her composure and begins to speak about the legacy of her daughter.

Keira Kagan was found dead in February 2020, next to the body of her father, in a conservation area near Milton, Ontario.

The provincial commission found that the father and child murder-suicide was “extremely consistent”.

Kagan was determined to use the tragedy as a catalyst for improvements in the way the legal system deals with situations of abuse by intimate partners.

Jennifer and Philip Viater (Keira’s stepfather) spent years pressing politicians to bring about a change.

Keira’s name has now been officially included in federal and provincial legislation aimed at preventing other children from experiencing similar tragedies.

In an interview, Kagan’s mom said that Keira is the most special young girl. She described her as the kindest, most loving and gentle big sister.

Keira Kagan Autopsy report

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The chief coroner for Ontario announced in the past that a 2020 inquiry would be held into the death Keira Kagan. She was found dead with her father near the edge of a cliff, west of Toronto.

Inquests will focus on the circumstances surrounding the death of the girl.

The autopsy report and police investigation into Keira Kagan’s death did not reveal all the details.Keira Kagan, a four-year old girl, died in suspicious circumstances. An investigation will be conducted.

The coroner’s final report stated that Keira died of blunt force trauma in the head. Police also identified several risk factors for domestic abuse among Keira’s dad.

The case is sent to the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee for further investigation and recommendations on how to prevent future deaths.

Three years ago on February 9, 2020 Kagan’s corpse was found in Milton’s Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area.

The police reported that Kagan, her father Robin Brown and both appeared to have suffered serious injuries at the time, consistent with falls.

Kagan’s stepfather and mother have said that they believe the hikers who died in the past were murdered-suicides. This claim has never been tested in court.

Keira Kagan, Robin Brown and Daughter Case

Jennifer told CBC News that a Jewish Family and Child Services worker offered to submit a petition demonstrating Kagan’s need for protection and his visitation privileges should be revoked.

Robin and her daughter both died tragically two days later. Kagan’s parents sued Jewish Family and Child Services.

According to Kagan’s mother, her death could have been prevented if the court system had taken into account allegations of marital abuse during their custody battle.Philip Viater, wife Jennifer Kagan and their children pose for a picture near Vaughan in Ontario.

A private member’s Bill named after a Milton four-year-old whose tragic death ended her life, will see federally appointed judges receive more training in domestic violence and coercive controls.

On Tuesday, April 18, the Senate passed Bill C-233 (also known as “Keira’s Law”).

The proposed legislation will improve and establish seminars on intimate partner abuse, coercive controls and other related topics for judges.

This policy aims to protect the safety and security of complainants with an intimate partner, their children and other family members.

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