Julia Merfeld Husband: Is Julia Merfeld Still Married?

Julia Merfeld Husband: In 2013, Julia Merfeld, 21-year old from Muskegon in Michigan was captured on camera hiring a hitman to kill her husband, Jake Merfeld. This shocking story was a big deal and Merfeld’s fate became the topic of much discussion around the globe. These are the key facts about this case.

Julia Merfeld Husband

Julia Merfeld married Jake Merfeld. They had been married for many years and had two children together. Jake was a hardworking man who loved and provided for his family.

Julia Merfeld Still Married

Julia Merfeld was still married at the time of her arrest to Jake Merfeld. However, she was having an affair and planned to divorce Jake Merfeld after he was murdered.

Julia Partner Jake Merfeld

Julia Merfeld married Jake Merfeld. They were married and had 2 children together. Julia planned to kill Jake, which Jake didn’t know about.

Julia Merfeld Husband Jacob Merfeld Death Plan

Julia Merfeld planned to kill her husband when she approached an undercover officer who she believed was a hitman. Merfeld offered $50,000 to the “hitman” in exchange for her husband’s death and making it seem like a robbery gone sour. Merfeld even suggested that the murder could be made look accidental.

Where are Jake Merfeld and Jacob Merfeld?

It is not clear where Jake Merfeld is right now. He and his family left Muskegon, Michigan after the incident to start a new chapter.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Julia Merfeld was sentenced to a life sentence for hiring a hitman to murder her husband.

Julia Merfeld was sentenced for soliciting murder to five to twenty years imprisonment

  • Julia Merfeld showed any remorse?

Julia Merfeld, her husband and her family expressed regret at her actions during her trial.

  • What was Jake Merfeld’s reaction to his wife’s plan to kill him?

Jake Merfeld was devastated and shocked to learn about his wife’s plans to kill him. Shortly after, he filed for divorce.

  • Julia Merfeld plotted to kill her husband, was there anyone else?

Julia Merfeld did not plot her husband’s murder by herself.

  • How did Julia Merfeld’s actions impact her children’s lives?

Julia Merfeld’s children were placed in protective custody following her arrest. It is not clear how this incident affected them.

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