Jonnie Irwin Illness: What Happened To Jonnie Irwin?

Jonnie Irwin illness and health update are shared here, the popular presenter of A Place in the Sun, Jonnie Irwin, aged 49, bravely shared his diagnosis of lung cancer publicly.

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Jonnie Irwin illness and Health Update latest

Jonnie Irwin is a well-known British TV presenter recognized for his hosting roles on popular shows like A Place in the Sun and Escape to the Country. Since August 2020, he has been bravely battling terminal cancer, initially diagnosed as lung cancer that later spread to his brain12.

Throughout his journey, Irwin has undergone chemotherapy and various treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy34, while continuing to work and cherish moments with his loved ones.

In June 2023, Irwin shared an update on his health, revealing that he had been admitted to the hospital to address his illness1. He disclosed the unfortunate news that a medical procedure undertaken as part of his cancer treatment had resulted in irreversible liver damage, which was a devastating setback for him2. To receive the necessary support and care, he occasionally separates himself from his family’s home and seeks solace in a hospice2.

Irwin’s willingness to openly discuss his health struggles has touched the hearts of many, and he remains deeply grateful for the unwavering support he receives from his friends, family, and fans. Recently, he celebrated his 50th birthday in advance, ahead of the actual date in November, with a grand party attended by 170 guests2.

It was a joyful occasion for Irwin, a chance to commemorate his life, and he was genuinely surprised by the overwhelming turnout. Despite feeling physically “weak” and “fragile,” he emphasized that he is still here, fighting with unwavering determination.

Does Jonnie Irwin have Cancer?

Yes, Jonnie Irwin has cancer. He is a British TV presenter who is best known for hosting A Place in the Sun and Escape to the Country. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2020, which later spread to his brain1. He has been undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments, but his condition is terminal1

He first noticed something was wrong when his vision went blurry while he was driving while filming A Place in the Sun in Italy2. He also experienced headaches, fatigue, and weight loss3. He decided to go public with his illness in November 2022, after learning that his lung cancer had spread to his brain1.

He has been trying to stay positive and make memories with his wife Jessica and their three young sons – Rex, and twins Rafa and Cormac1. He also celebrated his 50th birthday early, ahead of the actual date in November, with a huge party with 170 guests2. He said that he doesn’t know how long he has left, but he wants to live a positive life, even though he is dying

What Cancer does Jonnie Irwin have?

Jonnie Irwin has been diagnosed with lung cancer, specifically stage four or metastatic lung cancer, which has also spread to his brain. In medical terms, this means that the cancer cells originating from the lung tumor have broken away and migrated to other areas of the body through the bloodstream or lymphatic system. Metastatic lung cancer is known to be challenging to treat and cure, often presenting a less favorable outlook or prognosis for patients.

About Jonnie Irwin

Jonnie Irwin, born on November 18, 1973, is a prominent English television presenter, writer, lecturer, and business and property expert.

Early Life

Hailing from the village of Bitteswell in Leicestershire, Jonnie Irwin was raised on a small farm. He received his education at Lutterworth Grammar School and Community College before pursuing a degree in estate management at Birmingham City University. It is worth noting that Irwin has Irish heritage[1].


Jonnie Irwin began his professional journey working for Christie & Co, specializing in business transfers. Within three years, he rose to the position of associate director before transitioning to a role at Colliers International.

In 2004, Irwin’s career took a significant leap when he was chosen, alongside co-presenter Jasmine Harman, out of hundreds of applicants to host Channel 4’s popular show, A Place in the Sun – Home or Away[3]. Since then, he has filmed over 200 episodes of the show across various locations in Britain.

A Place in the Sun – Home or Away is not only broadcast on Channel 4 but also reaches audiences daily through More4, Discovery Real Time, Discovery Travel & Living, and international channels including those in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. In 2022, Irwin publicly shared his disappointment after being allegedly removed as the presenter of A Place in the Sun due to his cancer diagnosis, resulting in a profound impact on his emotional state[6].

In addition to A Place in the Sun, Jonnie Irwin has also presented episodes of BBC property shows such as Escape to the Country and To Buy or Not to Buy. Furthermore, he has hosted the spin-off series Escape to the Perfect Town.

In January 2011, Irwin headlined his own show called Dream Lives for Sale, which aired on Sky 1. The program followed Irwin as he assisted individuals in leaving their lives in the UK behind and purchasing businesses. Later in 2011, he embarked on a new series called The Renovation Game, which was broadcast on Channel 4 during weekday mornings.

Throughout his career, Jonnie Irwin has provided valuable advice to clients on business and property matters, spanning from small high street gift shops to multimillion-pound corporate hotel packages. He continues to operate his property and business consultancy.

As a regular columnist for A Place in the Sun magazine, Irwin shares his insights with readers. He also makes appearances at A Place in the Sun Live, where he delivers presentations on purchasing property abroad. Additionally, Irwin frequently hosts seminars and corporate events.

Does Jonnie Irwin Smoke?

The smoking habits of Jonnie Irwin remain unclear as he has not publicly disclosed this information1. While it is commonly known that smoking cigarettes is a significant risk factor for developing lung cancer, it is important to note that lung cancer can also affect individuals who have never smoked1. The NHS highlights that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, accounting for more than 7 out of 10 cases1.

However, other factors such as exposure to radon gas, air pollution, asbestos, and other chemicals, and having a family history of lung cancer can also contribute to an increased risk.

How is Jonnie Irwin doing?

Jonnie Irwin, a well-known British TV presenter, has been battling stage four lung cancer that has metastasized to his brain since August 2020. Despite being initially given a prognosis of only six months to live, he remains determined to make the most of his time with loved ones and friends.

Through his social media posts, Jonnie Irwin has been keeping his followers updated on his cancer journey. He shared heartwarming photos of his Christmas break spent with his family, spreading positivity and gratitude for the moments he cherishes.

In his pursuit of alternative treatments, he has also started undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment to potentially support his overall well-being.

Recently, Jonnie Irwin celebrated his 50th birthday in advance, hosting a grand party attended by 170 guests. Despite feeling physically “weak” and “fragile,” he expressed his resilience and gratitude for being “still here.” These moments of celebration amidst his health challenges serve as reminders of his determination to embrace life to the fullest.

However, Irwin shared his disappointment with A Place in the Sun bosses, who chose not to renew his contract after he disclosed his cancer diagnosis. Feeling let down, he expressed a desire to continue working and stated that he felt cast aside. Nevertheless, he remains active in his role as a presenter on Escape to the Country and continues to engage in various commercial projects.

Jonnie Irwin’s courage and strength in the face of his health struggles serve as an inspiration to many. His openness about his experiences and his commitment to enjoying life despite the obstacles he faces exemplify his resilient spirit.

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