Jon Hamm, Anna Osceola Are Married: Check Here!

Anna Osceola and Jon Hamm are married? Discover the secret wedding of Anna Osceola and Jon Hamm.

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Jon Hamm, Anna Osceola Are Married

PEOPLE confirmed that Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola, who have been dating for the past two years, are now officially married. The couple, known for their roles on the TV show “Mad Men,” and in the movie “Confess, Fletch,” were married in Big Sur, California, at Anderson Canyon, where the final scene from “Mad Men was filmed.

The ceremony was said to be a star studded affair, with celebrities like Tina Fey, Paul Rudd and Billy Crudup in attendance. TMZ reported the walk-up music was from the 1967 James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”, adding a touch to elegance and class.

PEOPLE did not receive any comment from the representatives of Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola. They kept their wedding details private.

In February, it was confirmed that the couple got engaged after dating for two years. They first met in 2015 on the set for the critically acclaimed AMC show “Mad Men”. They were seen together multiple times, even though their relationship wasn’t publicly acknowledged until 2020. Rumors of a growing romance began to spread when they first met on the set of “Mad Men” in 2015.

Jon Hamm, Anna Osceola and other members of the Hamm family have appeared together in various occasions since then. They made their first red carpet appearance as a couple at an Oscars Afterparty in March 2022. In the months that followed, they continued to attend events, including a screening of their film “Confess, Fletch”, in September.

Hamm revealed his happiness and his desire to settle in a SiriusXM interview with Howard Stern from September 2022. He also hinted at his desire for marriage. Hamm said that he can see himself marrying and having children. He also mentioned that his relationship with Osceola has caused him to reflect on what he wants in the future.

Hamm acknowledged that being in a romantic relationship with another actor can be difficult, but that his experiences have helped him grow. He said that despite the ups-and-downs, he was in a great place at this time and had learned a lot over his long life.

The wedding of Jon Hamm to Anna Osceola marks an important milestone in their relationship and solidifies their commitment. The romantic atmosphere of their story is enhanced by the private ceremony they held in Big Sur surrounded by celebrity friends.

Who did Jon Hamm Marry?

Jon Hamm and his co-star Anna Osceola were married in Big Sur in California. The ceremony was held in Anderson Canyon. The couple, who are known for their roles on the TV show “Mad Men”, and in the movie “Confess, Fletch”, exchanged vows at the iconic location where “Mad Men’s” finale was filmed. Guests of note included John Slattery (a fellow “Mad Men”), Billy Crudup and Paul Rudd as well as Tina Fey Brooke Shields and Larry David. The choice of “You Only Live Twice,” the theme from the James Bond movie, as the walk-up music added an elegant touch to the couple’s special day. After two years of dating and a blossoming relationship, Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola were engaged in 2022. Their first meeting was on the set “Mad Men”, in 2015. In 2020, their romance was made public. They appeared on the red carpet for the first time as a couple together in March 2022. In a 2022 article, Hamm expressed happiness and contentment with their relationship as well as his openness towards marriage and having a family. In a 2022 interview, Hamm expressed his happiness and contentment in their relationship and expressed an openness to the possibility of marriage and starting a family.

Jon Hamm Dating History

Jon Hamm has had a long-lasting relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt. The relationship lasted for over a decade, from 1997 to 2015. Their connection began on the set for the popular TV show Mad Men. They never got married but their love for each other was more than just a formality.

Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt and their professional partnership spanned many years. The two appeared in Gap campaign ads, which showcased their on-screen chemistry. In 2009, the two established Points West Pictures to demonstrate their passion for filmmaking.

Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt and their relationship ended in 2015. However, they have continued to show mutual respect and admire each other. Both individuals pursued their careers in the entertainment business after their separation. Jennifer Westfeldt in particular continued to show off her acting talent by appearing on popular TV shows and guest-starring in various series.

Jon Hamm’s dating history is dominated by his long-term relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt. This highlights their personal and professional connection. Their shared experience in the film industry and commitment to each other’s artistic endeavors marked their relationship.

Mad Men Co-Star Anna Osceola Are Married?

Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola, who are best known for their portrayal of Don Draper on the TV show “Mad Men”, have tied the knot. The wedding of the couple took place at Anderson Canyon, Big Sur in California on a Saturday. The location is of special significance because it was the setting for Don Draper’s transformational journey in “Mad Men”, making it an iconic place for Hamm and Osceola’s wedding.

John Slattery was also present at the star-studded ceremony, along with Billy Crudup and Paul Rudd. Brooke Shields and Larry David were among other notable guests. The couple added a special touch by choosing the theme song of the 1967 James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”. This brought a sense of elegance and nostalgia into their wedding day.

Anna Osceola was radiant in a white strapless gown with a stylish high slit at the thigh. She carried a bouquet made up of pale pink peonies to complete her bridal look. It was a symbol of grace and romance.

Hamm and Osceola began their journey to the wedding when they got engaged after two years of dating in the year before. The couple met on the set “Mad Men”, back in 2015. This was the beginning of their relationship. They kept their relationship a secret for a while, but made their first public outing as a couple in March 2022 on the Oscars Afterparty red carpet. They also shared the screen together in the 2022 movie “Confess Fletch”, which solidified their on-screen relationship.

Hamm, in a 2022 interview with Howard Stern, spoke candidly about his relationship with Osceola. He revealed his comfort and contentment within the partnership. Hamm expressed how it profoundly impacted his outlook and led him to rethink important life aspects such as marriage, having a child, and redefining what happiness, wellness and fulfillment meant to him. Hamm’s willingness to embrace Osceola’s future and express a connection with her was evident in his openness.

Hamm’s long-term relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt ended in September 2015, before he met Osceola. Hamm’s journey to Osceola, from his long-term relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt, ended in September 2015.

The marriage between Jon Hamm, Anna Osceola and their journey together is the culmination to their love story. It was woven from their shared experiences and adventures on the set “Mad Men”. The wedding of Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola in picturesque Anderson Canyon brings back memories for “Mad Men” fans and marks the start of a new life filled with happiness, love and shared dreams.

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