John Gibbons Obituary: Know The Cause Of Death!

Here are the details of John Gibbons’s obituary. Former US Marshal, aged 66, passed away after a battle with cancer lasting 16 months, leaving behind John Gibbons’s legacy.

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What is John Gibbons all about?

John Gibbons is the son of Donald and Edith (Fomby) Gibbons, who were born in Newark (New Jersey). He attended Shabazz High School in Newark, which offered a gifted program. John was a top student in high school. John attended American International College after graduating from Shabazz.

John excelled both academically as well as athletically at AIC. John played football and showed off his talents on the field. He completed his Bachelor’s of Science, then a Master’s, and finally, an Ed.D. AIC offers a Doctor of Education degree. He was awarded an Honorary doctorate for his academic achievements.

John played an important role in the founding of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Presbyterian Church during his time at AIC. The newly formed church is located directly across from the college. John was one of the founders of the church. He remained an Elder and active member until his death.

John began a distinguished police career after completing his studies. John served in the Massachusetts State Police Department for 30 years. During this time, he was recognized nationally and made many contributions. He was appointed U.S. Marshal for his dedication and commitment. The Massachusetts District Marshal.

John was faced with a difficult diagnosis after retiring from the law enforcement. Multiple Myeloma was diagnosed as a cancerous form. John was deeply involved in many aspects of his life despite the difficult circumstances. John continued to be a loving husband, father and son. He was also a brother and devoted grandfather.

John Gibbons was a man of unwavering dedication to those he loved and his professional achievements. His contributions to the Massachusetts law enforcement community were acknowledged on a national scale. He had a profound impact on that community. He showed strength and resilience throughout his life, and the memories and love of those who knew and loved him will live on.

John Gibbons Obituary

John Gibbons passed peacefully away on May 2, 2023. He had fulfilled everything that he was expected to do in his life. John Gibbons is survived by Shelby Robyn Hall Gibbons, his wife of 39 years. Together, they had a strong bond that lasted a lifetime.

John Gibbons is survived by both his wife and son Jonathan Gibbons. Jonathan was a source of pride and joy in John’s life. He carried on his legacy and love with respect.

John was the proud grandfather of two grandchildren: Mia and Jaxson. John was a proud grandfather to two grandchildren, Mia and Jaxson Gibbons.

John was part of a tight-knit, close-knit, family that included three siblings, Pamela Gibbons Winston and Ronald Gibbons. Donna Gibbons Beaudoin was also a member. The three siblings shared a close relationship and helped each other through different stages of their lives. John’s family and siblings were a big part of his life. They provided him with love and friendship and many fond memories.

Friends, family and loved ones will gather at Springfield Symphony Hall on Thursday, May 25th, 2023 from 10am to 11am to pay their respects. At 11 a.m. the funeral service was held to honor John’s memory, grieve his death, and share memories.

The family asked that in lieu of flowers memorial donations be made to the Multiple Myeloma Foundation. John’s desire to help others who are facing similar challenges was evident in this gesture.

John Gibbons passed away on April 15, marking the end of an accomplished life filled with love, dedication, and achievements. His legacy is carried on by his wife and son, as well as grandchildren, siblings, cousins, and many other relatives. While they grieve his death, they take comfort in the love and impact he had during his life.

John Gibbons Cause of Death

John Gibbons is remembered fondly by his former and current colleagues as a respected and esteemed law enforcement figure. John Gibbons, the first Black U.S. Marshal in Massachusetts and a dedicated Massachusetts State Police Detective for 30 years, left an indelible impression on the law enforcement world.

John Gibbons tragically passed away on Tuesday at the age 66, after a 16-month courageous battle with cancer. His premature departure leaves a hole in the lives of all those who knew him, and the entire law enforcement community.

John Gibbons’ legacy goes far beyond his achievements in the professional world. He will be remembered for being a remarkable person who embodied both the qualities of an outstanding officer and a human being. His dedication, integrity and compassion inspire those who want to make a positive difference in their community. His impact on others’ lives will continue to be felt even though he is no longer with us.

Former US Marshal John Gibbons

John Gibbons is a pioneering figure, and the first African American United States marshal of Massachusetts. John Gibbons, who lived in Agawam Massachusetts, had an impressive journey that was marked by his achievements and dedication to the community.

John began his educational journey at American International College, where he excelled in both academics and athletics. He graduated from AIC with a Bachelor of Arts in 1977 and a Master of Science in Education in 1986. AIC awarded him an honorary PhD in 2011 for his outstanding contributions to society. John was a star football player at AIC. He represented the Yellowjackets, and left a lasting impression on the Athletics Hall of Fame of the school, where he will be inducted in the year 2022.

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