Jograd Dela Torre Cause of Death and Obituary: How Did Jograd Dela Died?

Jograd Dela Torre’s cause for death was acute liver failure, chronic liver disease, as well as the alcoholic liver disease. According to the announcement of his daughter. the veteran actor and comedian was suffering from liver issues that led to his death at the age of 63.

What Happened To Comedian-Singer Jograd Dela Torre?

Singer-comedian Jograd Dela Torre has died and his daughter Abba posted the announcement on Facebook. Abba said that her father had medical issues that included acute liver failure, chronic disease and alcoholic liver disease and high blood sugar levels that reached 500. His funeral is scheduled for St. Peter Chapels in Sampaloc, Manila.

Who was Jograd Dela Torre?

Jograd Dela Torre who was adored Filipino entertainer was a well-known comedian as well as actor, singer and musician. The singer and actor was born as Geoffrey Quisel Dela Torre in Cavite, Philippines, his fame grew in the 1970s due to his singing, and then was a hit for his comedic shows.

Jograd co-hosted the show of musical variety “Superstar” and showcased his talents in films such as “Okleng Tokleng” (1986) and “Cubao Kid: Until the Last Bullet” (2017). With a witty and charming personality, he was an iconic figure in the Filipino entertainment business.

Jograd Dela Torre died on the 15th of November 2023, aged his age of 63. He left an enduring legacy of laughter as well as music. will be cherished by friends, fans, and loved ones.

How Did Jograd Dela Torre Die? Cause of Death Revealed

Jograd Dela Torre the adored Filipino performer and comedian, died aged 63 years old. He was suffering from breathing problems as well as high blood sugar levels that led to hospitalization at the Ospital ng Maynila.

However, he passed away from the hepatorenal syndrome liver and kidney failure, as well as complications of diabetes. His death was reported by the sister of his Arlene McCullough. This marked the end of an extraordinary career that made an imprint upon Filipino entertainment.

Jograd Dela Torre Obituary

In in loving memory In loving memory Jograd Dela Torre a renowned comedian and singer who passed away after suffering acute hepatic failure chronic liver disease and alcohol-related liver disease. The daughter of Jograd, Abba was the first to share this tragic information on Facebook in which she shared the difficulties her father was facing in his illness.

Jograd’s contribution to Filipino entertainment, especially as a co-host of the show “Superstar,” a musical variety “Superstar,” have left an indelible impression.

As we gather to commemorate him, his funeral will occur on the St. Peter Chapels in Sampaloc, Manila, where family members, friends and even fans can pay tribute to a cherished celebrity in the entertainment business. Let him lay in peace.

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