Jenifer Lewis Scam Why Jenifer Lewis connected to scams?

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What’s the relationship between Jenifer Lewis connected to scams?

Antonio Mariot Wilson, a aged 57, a Californian who also employed the aliases the aliases Dr. Tony Mariot and Brice Carrington, confessed to being a fraud on Friday. He admitted to having set up an internet-based dating scam that ended up with fraudsters defrauding four women including Jenifer Lewis, a star of the TV show Blackish

In order to pay off debt and fund his extravagant lifestyle, the conman suggested that women invest more than $400,000 into the fake business.

Jenifer Lewis’s Net Worth 2022-2022

After the scam was exposed that was exposed, the people across the country are taking an interest in finding out the net worth. She is a TV performer and actor. She was exposed because of a scam which she was taken captive by an opportunist.

Following that, her followers are eager to learn about her income, and as per an article, we discovered that her net worth is about two million dollars. She was born in Kinloch, Missouri, and graduated at Webster University. After her move into New York, she focused on her career , and was part of her first Broadway production of the musical Eubie.

who is Jennifer Lewis’s boyfriend ?

The actress got married to Arnold Byrd in 2012 and is the proud mother of a daughter. The name of her daughter is Charmaine Lewis. She later dated Antonio Wilson through internet sites. The media has reported that she’s engaged when she complained that she was duped by $50,000 by a con-man.

She claimed that she came across Wilson in 2017 while working at an exercise facility. According to her statements the man who swindled her was the manager of the gym. People want to know the story of Jennifer Lewis Conned and would like to know the punishment for the cheater who was cheated on by the actress.

Antonio Wilson, who was sentenced to eight years in prison on Tuesday and cheated actor Jenifer Lewis of her money. Three women, including Blackish actor Jenifer Lewis, have been wooed by a man who was trying to defraud women to fund his fake business. He’s cheated numerous women via online dating websites and led in a lavish lifestyle. But, the fraudster was sentenced to eight years in imprisonment sentence in a court on the Tuesday.

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