Jasmine Hartin Kids: Where Are Charlie And Elle Now?

After Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin, pleaded guilty in April 2023 to the murder of a Belizean police chief, the public has been searching for her whereabouts. They also want to know more information about Jasmine Hartin’s children.

Jasmine Hartin was the ex-wife to Andrew Ashcroft, son of British industrialist Lord Michael Ashcroft. She was arrested and accused of murdering Superintendent Henry Jemmott in 2002.

According to police, Mr. Jemmott Hartin were considered to be friends at the time. Her punishment hearing is scheduled for May 31, in Belize City.

She told reporters outside of the courthouse, “I want Henry’s family to be at peace and I want this whole ordeal behind us so that we can all heal.”

Authorities were able link Hartin to Mr. Jemmott’s death when they found her on a pier near where his body was discovered in 2021.

She was found in distress and bleeding by the police. She was arrested in June 2021 on suspicion of manslaughter through carelessness.

After a while, the Canadian socialite who accepted the crime of manslaughter against a Belizean police chief has been contacted by several people to find out where she is.

Let’s learn more about Jasmine Hartin and her children, Charlie, and Elle, through this article.

Jasmine Hartin: Where are Charlie and Elle?

Hartin, the ex-partner of Andrew Ashcroft (son of UK billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft) who was also detained for the murder two years earlier of police superintendent Henry Jemmott was raising twins at the time.

Jasmine’s guilty plea to manslaughter through negligence on April 25, 2023 has sparked a public interest in her life. They want to know where her children are and who will be looking after them.

Jasmine has raised her children with love, devotion, and affection. She welcomed Charlie and Elle with her ex-husband.

Socialite who embraces motherhood and provides the best to her children at an early age.

She gave birth to twins with her ex-husband in 2016, but was barred from seeing her children after her manslaughter trial.Jasmine Hartin, her daughter Elle, her son Charlie and her.

According to multiple sources, Andrew did not let Jasmine see her children, and Jasmine even accused him on video footage. In a video obtained by Daily Mail, the affluent society woman can be seen walking behind Andrew Ashcroft.

Jasmine Hartin says that her common-law partner is preventing her from seeing her twins Charlie and Elle. Jasmine Hartin can be heard asking, “Why Andrew, won’t let me see the children?

Why do you make it so difficult for me, Andrew, to see my family and visit my home? “You misled my family,” she said to Andrew as they were arguing in a kitchen of a hotel.

Her husband will now be caring for her children while Jasmine is in prison on charges of manslaughter. Charlie and Elle are still very young so not much has been revealed about them.

Jasmine Hartin’s ex-husband: Who is he?

Jasmine Hartin is married to Andrew Ashcroft. Lord Ashcroft is her ex-husband. He is the son and financial supporter of Lord Ashcroft.

They first met in 2015. Hartin had been working as an agent in 2014. Hartin described Ashcroft as “very funny and clever.”Jasmine Hartin and her ex-husband Andrew Ashcroft.

Hartin said she “had no money” before and was more concerned about starting a family than the son of a billionaire.

In 2016, the couple got married. After several years of struggling with their relationship, the couple split up.

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