Jana Carter Net Worth 2023: Read Her All Details Here!

Jana Carter Net Worth 2023. Jana Carter, an American lawyer, activist and entrepreneur, is an accomplished American lawyer. Her reputation in the legal and business community has been established. She is well-known for her hard work and dedication. Carter is also a popular TV commentator and activist. Her work has inspired many women. Carter is a dedicated mother to her children and works hard to ensure their happiness.

This article will discuss Jana Carter’s net worth and husband. We also cover Jana Carter’s children, income, salary, height and weight. To give you a complete understanding of Jana Carter, we will answer many frequently asked questions.

Jana Carter Net Worth 2023

Jana Carter, an American lawyer, activist and entrepreneur, is well-known for her public appearances and work. According to different sources, her net worth is approximately $5 million in 2023. Carter’s success in business and law is what has made her net worth. Her wealth has been aided by her appearances as a commentator on politics and an activist on television. Carter is an inspiration for many women and her success story shows how dedication and hard work can pay off.

Jana Carter Husband

Jana Carter was married to Van Jones before she became a political commentator and activist. They were married in 2005, and they were married for 14 years until their divorce in 2019. They have two children, a son and a girl. Jana and Van divorced peacefully and they remain close friends today.

Jana Carter Children

Jana Carter is the mother of two children: a son, Cabral Jones and a girl, Mattai Jones. She was married to Van Jones. Her children are her joy and pride. She is known for being a loving and dedicated mother. Carter is involved in the lives of her children and is determined to ensure that they have a happy, healthy childhood.

Jana Carter Age

Jana Carter was born January 4, 1974. This makes her [current minus 1974] years older than [current year]. Carter, despite being in her late 40s, looks radiant and youthful thanks to her fitness and healthy lifestyle. Carter is an inspiration for many women looking to live a healthy, active life as they age.

Jana Carter House and Salary

Jana Carter lives in a beautiful house in Los Angeles. Although the exact value of Carter’s house is not known, it is believed to be worth several millions. Carter is a successful lawyer, activist, and entrepreneur. Her annual salary is approximately $500,000. Carter’s net worth allows her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that includes travel to exotic locations and indulgence in her favourite hobbies and activities.

Jana Carter Height & Weight

Jana Carter is well-known for her tall, slim body. At 5’10” (178cm) in height, Carter is 63kg (139 lbs). Carter keeps her body in good shape by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Many women aspire to have a toned and fit body like Carter.


  • Jana Carter, who is she?

Jana Carter, an American lawyer, activist and entrepreneur, is Jana Carter.

  • How much does Jana Carter have in net worth?

Jana Carter’s net worth was estimated at $5 million in 2023.

  • Jana Carter is married to whom?

Jana Carter was married to Van Jones before, who was a political commentator and activist.

  • Jana Carter has how many children?

Jana Carter is the mother of two children: a son, Cabral Jones and a girl, Mattai.

  • Jana Carter’s height?

Jana Carter stands 5’10” (178 cm) tall, and is 63kg (139 lbs) in weight.

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