Is Zidmall Legit or Scam {Sep} Check The Details Here!

Is Zidmall Legit or Scam

Are you interested in knowing the authenticity of Zidmall? You can read the article below. Does Zidmall Legit or a Scam?

Are you interested in learning about an online store that sells sneakers and streetwear shoes for you that are trending and trendy? We will also be discussing a site named Zidmall.

We will go over its fundamentals and specifications, its positive and negative points, along with customer reviews. The site Zidmall is accessible within its entirety in the United States. Therefore, to avoid wasting your time, let’s start with this article What is Zidmall Legit or a Scam?

is Zidmall Scam?

  • Address Originality The address of Zidmall’s web site Zidmall is not listed on the Zidmall’s website.
  • Social Media Connection Zidmall does not have a connection with any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Content Quality: The information that is on Zidmall is plagiarized as well as copied content from different websites.
  • Domain Age: The day that Zidmall was first introduced to the internet was 23/08/2022. It is clear from the data that it’s not been long since Zidmall was online. It is plagued by a major stability problem.
  • Expiration Date: The date at which Zidmall will expire on the internet is 23/08/2023.
  • Review of Customer Service – there is no reviews from customers on Zidmall reviewsavailable on the authentic portals.
  • Policies – Policies discussed on Zidmall are not exclusive.
  • Owner’s information – This details of the owner are not offered by the site Zidmall.
  • Unrealistic Discounts The sale is being offered on Zidmall.
  • Trust Ranking 1 – This is the trust score of Zidmall which is extremely low.

about Zidmall

Zidmall is an internet-based shop accessible on the internet that sells streetwear and sneakers for women and men. In addition to sneakers and shoes there are other items on the site such as clothing items, such as tops, jeans, shirts and more. Therefore, it’s important to be aware whether Zidmall Legit or a Scam ?

According to the website about us of Zidmall it is possible to get shoes and sneakers at a good price. Zidmall is a site which is just being launched on the web. It’s been up and running for only two days and not even a month.

Specifications for Zidmall

  • Contact Number: The number through which customers are able to reach the website is not available on Zidmall.
  • Company Address Zidmall’s address Zidmall could help to establish its legitimacy, is not available on the official website of Zidmall.
  • URL Link – The URL Link of Zidmall is
  • Customer Reviews – According to the study there are no customer reviews for Zidmall. This makes it difficult to know Zidmall is Zidmall Legit or a Scam.
  • Email Address – The email support provided by the website Zidmall for its customers is
  • Payment Methods: VISA, PayPal, American Express, JCB, and Mastercard are the payment options via Zidmall to customers.
  • Items: Sneakers and streetwear shoes are sold on Zidmall together with a few clothes.
  • Social Media Connection Social Media Connection Zidmall is not affiliated to any social media platform.
  • Shipping Policy – Within between 7 and nine business days your item will arrive at your address.
  • Refund and Return Policy – There’s a particular procedure that must be followed if you intend to return the item.
  • The newsletter – check the option to receive newsletters on Zidmall.

To determine if Zidmall is Zidmall Legit Or Scamread its advantages and drawbacks.

Benefits of Zidmall

  • Many payment options are offered on Zidmall.

Zdmall’s disadvantages

  • The evidence that supports the authenticity of the website is fake or isn’t accessible on Zidmall such as contact numbers and address of the company, for example.
  • The website’s interface draws the attention of the user, however the user interface of Zidmall isn’t appealing.
  • The policies aren’t listed on the site and they are copied from other websites.
  • The products’ prizes on Zidmall aren’t great The best content is plagiarized.

Review by a Customer Zidmall reviews

Based on the research we conducted in the article above There are no customer reviews on the site Zidmall. Since there aren’t any customer reviews, there’s no communication with customers.

The primary reason for this is the fact that Zidmall is a relatively new site, and the interface isn’t very appealing. If you decide to purchase items from Zidmall it is important to study your purchase.

Learn here how you can keep your money secure away from PayPal scams.

the Bottom Line

In reading the article Zidmall Legit or Scam, Zidmall Genuine or Scamwe can conclude that Zidmall is a shady website because it has a lot of negatives. All its flaws are tilting toward the scam. Learn the details about sneaker. Read and learn the best ways to protect your cash secure in the event of Credit Card fraud.

Do you want to learn more about the site for shoes? If so, then read the article above and then share your thoughts in the comment section.

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