Is Zayn Malik Married: Read Her Dating History Here!

Is Zayn Malik married? We provide an overview of Zayn’s current marriage status and his love life, from his engagement to Perrie Edwards through his highly publicized romances with Gigi hadid.

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What is Zayn malik?

Zain Javadd, or Zayn Malik as he is known professionally, is a British musician. He was born on 12th January 1993. In 2010, he won recognition for his audition as a soloist in the British television music competition series The X Factor. He was initially rejected, but was given a chance to form the hugely popular boy band One Direction with four other members. One Direction achieved remarkable success, becoming one of the most successful boy bands in history.

Zayn, however, decided in March 2015 to leave One Direction. He then embarked on his solo career. In March 2015, Zayn signed a recording contract for RCA Records to begin his solo career. Zayn’s debut solo studio album, Mind of Mine (released in 2016), demonstrates his versatility. Zayn’s debut solo studio album, Mind of Mine, released in 2016, showcased his versatility by embracing a more alternative R&B music style.

Is Zayn Malik Married?

Zayn Malik has never been married. He was on and off engaged to Gigi. Zayn Malik was reportedly on a date Selena Gomez, according to some sources. Gigi and Zayn have had a relationship that has seen ups and lows. In September 2020, the former One Direction star announced that their daughter Khai was due. Malik shared the moment on Twitter, sharing his joy and expressing how he felt about becoming a dad. He wrote: “Our healthy and beautiful baby girl has arrived.” It would be impossible to put into words what I feel right now.

A famous magazine announced in April 2020 that Hadid and Malik were expecting their first baby, which confirmed Hadid’s desire to have a family. According to an exclusively revealed source, Hadid had always imagined this milestone and was delighted to be pregnant.

In November 2015, Hadid and Malik’s romance began in a conventional way. Malik remembered the early days in their relationship during an interview with SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash-Up, which aired in December 2016. He said, “I asked her out.” He was very straightforward. A gentleman will never reveal all the details! “But, yes, we did meet, we talked, and then we went out on a date.”

Zayn and Gigi broke up in October 2021 after six years of being in a relationship that was on-and off.

Zayn Malik’s wife is not known.

Zayn Malik has not been married yet. Rumors say that he’s dating Selena Gomez. They both did not confirm it. Zayn has had many past relationships and was twice engaged. He also has a child with Gigi.

Zayn has worked with artists like Taylor Swift and Sia, who have both received international recognition for their hit songs “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.” Both of these collaborations further cemented his position as a solo musician. Zayn’s second studio album titled Icarus Falls was released in 2018, demonstrating his artistic growth. In 2021, Zayn released his third studio album, Nobody is Listening. This showcased his unique musical vision and style.

Zayn has made an impact on the music business throughout his career. His soulful vocals, and innovative sound, have captured audiences. From a reality-show contestant to an established solo artist, Zayn Malik has become a major figure on the British music scene.

Zayn Malik Dating History

Zayn Malik has been in several notable relationships ever since he started his career as a musician. Here is a list of Zayn Malik’s dating history.

1. Geneva Lane: Zayn dated Geneva Lane briefly during their time together on The X Factor 2010. Geneva Lane: Zayn briefly dated fellow contestant Geneva Lane during their time on The X Factor in 2010.

2. Rebecca Ferguson: Zayn Ferguson and Rebecca Ferguson dated early 2011, while they were both on The X Factor Tour. Rebecca described her relationship as a “first mistake” after the five-year difference in age.

3. Stephanie Davis: Zayn dated Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis for about five months in 2011. She revealed in 2016 on Celebrity Big Brother she ended the relationship after changing her number.

4. Perrie Eds: Zayn had his most publicized relationship with Perrie, a girl from the Little Mix group. They began dating in early 2012. In August 2013, they got engaged. They ended their engagement on August 15, 2015, when Perrie claimed Zayn broke up with her by text.

5. Zayn had his longest and most committed relationship with Gigi Hadid, the supermodel. The couple first became linked in November 2015. They had a relationship that was on and off until January 2019. They reconciled after a year of separation in January 2020. Their daughter Khai was born in September that same year. They announced their separation in October 2021.

6. Selena Gomez : In March 2023 Zayn made headlines for a date he had with actress and singer Selena Gomez. Social media was enraged by their public display of affection.

Zayn Malik Wife

Zayn Malik is currently not married. Zayn’s romances have been quite interesting over the years. In December 2011, he began dating Perrie, a British girl from the Little Mix group. They got engaged in August 2013 after their relationship developed. They ended their engagement in August 2015 and split up.

Zayn then began an on-and-off relationship with American supermodel Gigi. They began dating in late 2015. In August 2017, they appeared together on the cover and in Zayn’s music video “Pillowtalk”. Gigi photographed them for a Versace advertisement. Zayn welcomed their daughter in September 2020. They split up in 2021.

Where does Zayn live?

Zayn Malik is a resident of Los Angeles. Zayn Malik and Gigi spend a lot of time on their farm in rural Bucks County Pennsylvania. Zayn looked after the horses and cows at the farm that also belonged to Gigi’s mother Yolanda and her sister Bella.

In October 2021 they decided to break up their relationship. Gigi’s mother claimed that Zayn had struck her, which led to legal proceedings. Zayn entered a plea of no contest to four charges for harassment. Court papers revealed that he allegedly caused mental and physical pain to Gigi’s mother by grabbing her and pushing her into a dressing table.

In the papers, it was also noted that inappropriate language had been used. Zayn received 360 days probation as part of his legal proceedings. He was also required to complete anger-management and domestic violence programs.

Zayn Malik Height

Zayn malik is 175 cm tall. Zayn spent his childhood living in East Bowling in Bradford with a working class family. He attended Lower Fields Primary School in Bradford and then Tong High School (now known as Tong Leadership Academy). He showed an interest in the performing arts during his teenage years and took part in several school productions. His father’s urban music collection, which mainly consisted of R&B hip-hop and reggae, was the source of his exposure to music.

Zayn started writing rap lyrics during this period, while he was still in school. When Jay Sean came to his school, he was given the chance to sing for the first. This marked a significant milestone in Zayn’s musical journey.

Zayn Malik Net worth

Zayn Malik’s net worth is $75 million. Zayn Malik, in addition to his love for music, also pursued boxing from the age of 15, until he was 17. He pursued this interest alongside other pursuits. Zayn had originally planned to study English in order to become an English teacher before he began his music career.

Zayn Malik was born in Bradford on 12 January 1993 as Zain Javadd. Yaser is his father. Zayn’s mother Trisha Brannan (formerly Malik) is White British with English and Irish heritage.

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