Is Yara Shahidi Related to Nas: How They Relate?

Is Yara Shahidi Related to Nas? Find out the fascinating family connection between the actress Yara Shahidi and the legendary singer Nas in the role of second cousins.

Is Yara Shahidi Related to Nas?

It is true that Yara Shahidi’s parents are Nas. The two are cousins. The mother of Yara’s, Keri Salter-Shahidi, is one of the cousins of famous rapper Nas. Their connection to Nas goes beyond blood ties, since Nas has been supportive of Yara throughout her career in addition, Yara has expressed appreciation for her cousin Nas who she considers an influencer and praising the influence he had on her career.

Their close-knit bond extends to family gatherings as well as mutual respect, making them more than just family, but as well sources of motivation to each other in their respective fields.

Who is Yara Shahidi?

Yara Shahidi has been an American actor who has been known for her roles on the film and television. Yara was widely acclaimed for her role as Zoey Johnson who is the oldest daughter in”Black-ish,” a sitcom “Black-ish,” which aired from 2014 until 2022 and also in its spin-off show “Grown-ish,” which began in the year 2018.

Her career began when she was just a child with commercials and advertisements. Later, she made her debut in cinema with the movie “Imagine That” in 2009. Apart from acting, Yara has also earned a reputation for advocacy work as well as her family’s involvement in the production of media via their business, 7th Sun Productions. Yara Shahidi is not just for her acting talent however also her dedication to a variety of social causes.

NameYara Shahidi
Full NameYara Sayeh Shahidi
Date of Birth10 February 2000
Age23 Years Old
Birth PlaceMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States
ProfessionActor and Model
SchoolDwight Global Online School
UniversityHarvard University
Education QualificationInterdisciplinary Sociology and African American Studies
Net Worth$2 Million

Yara Shahidi Early Life

Yara Shahidi’s parents are Keri Salter Shahidi and Afshin Shahidi. The mother of her daughter, Keri Shahidi, is African American as well as Choctaw roots, while the father of her, Afshin, is of Iranian origin and worked as photographer for the famous singer Prince. Yara has two siblings: one of whom is Sayeed Shahidi who is also a model and actor along with a brother called Ehsan.

Her multicultural background and her early encounter with the industry of entertainment played a major influence on her career path and advocacy.

Yara Shahidi Age

Yara Shahidi was born February 10, 2000. This means that she will be 23 years old in September 2023. Despite being relatively young she’s already made a significant mark in the entertainment world and in her role as an activist. Yara was recognized for her acting abilities in the role of Zoey Johnson on “Black-ish” and its spin-off series, “Grown-ish.”

In addition to her acting career her fame is based on her tireless advocacy efforts in promoting political and social causes. The early 20s of Yara have been defined by her influential appearance within Hollywood and her determination to use her platform to effect positive change. This makes her a role model to many.

Yara Shahidi Career

Yara Shahidi started her professional career within the entertainment business at a very young age. She began with prominent appearances in commercials and printed advertisements. Her cinematic career took off with her 2009 film debut in the movie “Imagine That.” But it was her character as Zoey Johnson on the cult comedy “Black-ish” that truly catapulted her to the forefront of television.

Her talent and charisma were evident enough that she was able to create her own spin-off show “Grown-ish,” showcasing her ability as an actor. Apart from the acting field, Yara has extended her influence to the realm of model and design, and has been hailed for being among the most stylish women.

In addition, she’s an active activist in the world of social activism, making use of her platform to tackle crucial concerns. The dedication of this multi-talented superstar can be seen in her academic endeavors and her graduation in 2022 from Harvard University in 2022, increasing her standing as an influencer and role model in a myriad of areas.

Yara Shahidi Net Worth

Yara Shahidi, the acclaimed American model and actor, has amassed a total worth of $2.5 million by 2023. Her financial success is testament to her success in the world of entertainment and has established herself through modeling, acting and endorsements for brands.

The talent and versatility of Yara has not only brought her fame but also built a solid financial foundation. she’s an emerging star in Hollywood with her net worth set to increase as she embarks on more ventures and projects in the near future.

Who is Nas?

Nas who’s true identity can be pronounced Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones is an acclaimed American rapper and hip-hop’s icon. Nas became one of the most lyrics writers in the history of hip-hop. Nas made his debut in 1994 with his groundbreaking album “Illmatic,” widely regarded as one of the best albums in the genre. In his long professional career Nas was the subject of numerous highly acclaimed albums, and has had an impressive career that spans three decades.

He’s not just famous for his ability to lyrically express himself, but also for his ability to address the issues of culture and society through his songs. Nas has been awarded many awards and honors like Grammy Awards, and he’s thought to be a significant influence on the next generation of rappers. In addition to his music career, Nas is an entrepreneur and record label owner, and an advocate for social causes. These contribute to his long-lasting influence on the music industry as well as society in general.

Real NameNasir bin Olu Dara Jones
Nick NameNas
Birth PlaceCrown Heights, New York, United States
Date of Birth14 September 1973
Age50 years old
KidsDestiny Jones, Knight Jonesr
ProfessionAmerican artist
Net Worth$70 Million

Nas Early Life

Nas was born to African American parents, with his father, Olu Dara, being a well-known blues and jazz musician. The mother of Nas, Fannie Ann, contributed to the family’s income through her work with the U.S. Postal Service.

In his early years at Queensbridge Houses, located in the Queensborough in Queens, Nas began nurturing an interest in hip music. The nascent fascination would later develop into a dazzling career as he established himself to be one of the more renowned and influential artists in the field. Nas’s early years established the basis for his eventual rise to an iconic rapper and a iconic cultural figure.

Nas Age

In September 2023, Nas who’s the name of his birth is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, is 50 years old. Born on the 14th of September 1973 at Brooklyn, New York City and has made himself an iconic persona in hip-hop’s world over time during his lengthy and significant career.

Despite all the years in the business, Nas continues to be a well-known and respected musician in the world of music always advancing his craft while helping to develop the genre.

Nas Career

Nas’s legendary career started with his first, powerful appearances on tracks such as “Live at the Barbeque,” that showed off his poetic skills. But Nas’s debut album “Illmatic,” released in 1994, which established his place as a rap legend. “Illmatic” received widespread critical praise and is frequently cited among the best hip-hop albums ever recorded.

Nas continued to establish his supremacy in the rap industry with album releases that were successful, including “It Was Written,” “Stillmatic,” and “Life Is Good,” each featuring his impressive lyrical skill and storytelling skill. In the course of his career, Nas earned numerous award nominations and awards, including Grammy Awards, recognizing his extraordinary contribution to the music industry.

Beyond awards, Nas is admired for his enormous influence on the development of hip-hop. He left an indelible impression on world through his socially conscious and insightful lyrics. Nas’s life is a testimony to his unending influence in the music industry.

Nas Net Worth

Nas Nas, the well-known American singer, rapper actor, entrepreneur, and investor, has impressive wealth, estimated to be around $70 million. His rise to fame began with his groundbreaking first album “Illmatic,” widely called among the top enduring records of the world of hip hop. In recent times, Nas has not only been able to continue to be a success in his career as a musician, but also delved into the realm of early-stage venture capital.

He’s made smart financial choices by investing in emerging tech companies that include notable names such as Dropbox, Coinbase, Ring, Lyft, Genius, and Pluto TV. These investments have not just increased his wealth, but also bolstered his reputation as a smart and successful entrepreneur, in addition to his fame in the world of music.

How is Yara Shahidi Related to Nas?

Yara Shahidi is closely related to Nas due to their familial connection. In particular, Yara’s mother Keri Salter-Shahidi is a cousin of the legendary rapper Nas. This connection in the family is what makes Yara as well as Nas two cousins.

Their common heritage has not just led to a kinship bond but resulted in mutual respect and support within their respective careers as well as Nas acting as a mentor to Yara and both sharing gratitude for one another’s successes in the entertainment industry. Their friendship extends far beyond family members, and demonstrates the unique bond between sharing talent and the power of inspiration.

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