Is Toni Braxton Dating: Check Her Dating History Here!

In 2023, Toni Braxton’s relationship status is undetermined, however her public comments and appearances on TV in the years since 2022 strongly suggest the ending of her previous relationship with Birdman and her status as a single woman.

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Is Toni Braxton Dating?

In 2023, there’s not any official information provided by Toni Braxton to confirm whether she’s been dating anyone. The status of her relationship with a man remains unreported and is in public records.

From at least 2022 onwards, Toni Braxton has appeared on TV numerous times and stated in open fashion she was single and is currently dating. This suggests that her prior affair with Birdman has been ended. Braxton’s public statements about her status as a single woman indicate that she’s not engaged to Birdman.

who are you? Toni Braxton?

Toni Braxton, born in 1967, is a well-known American performer, songwriter and actress as well as a TV presenter. Her career has been extremely successful, with her selling more than 70 million albums around the world and winning numerous awards including seven Grammys and nine Billboard Music Awards.

The year 2011, the singer was recognized by her honor at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and in the year 2017, she was awarded the Legend Award at the Soul Train Music Awards.

In the latter half of the 1980s, Toni started performing with her sisters in a group dubbed The Braxtons. The Braxtons became famous with the producers Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds signed her to LaFace Records. Her debut album, “Toni Braxton,” was released in 1993, and climbed to the top spot in the Billboard 200 chart and winning three Grammys.

Toni was the subject of hits albums such as “Secrets” along with “The Heat” in the 1990s and the early 2000s. She was faced with some difficulties such as health issues and contract issues but she did a great Duet Album with Babyface in 2014.

Her releases continued music, and even produced TV shows such as “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar and Vince.” Toni Braxton remains a respected person in the music industry.

Full NameToni Michele Braxton
Date of Birth7 October 1967 (Age 55)
The place of birthSevern, Maryland, U.S.
OccupationsSinger, Songwriter, Actress, TV Personality
Active for a long time1989-present
SpouseKeri Lewis

Toni Braxton Relationship History

Keri Lewis (1999 from 1999 until June 2013):

  • They met on tour.
  • The couple was married on April 21 2001.
  • Divorced in 2013 citing financial issues and a diagnosis of lupus in Toni as the main reasons.
  • The couple has two children: Denim Cole (21 years old) and Diezel Ky (19 years old).

Eddie Murphy (2012):

  • There were speculations about a romantic relationship, however, Eddie Murphy clarified they were simply friends.

Curtis Martin (September 1996 – May 1998):

  • It was introduced by Braxton’s security.
  • Martin and Braxton broke up because of Braxton’s bankruptcy 1998.

Jim Jackson and Jason Kidd (1996):

  • Braxton was reported to have been involved in a romantic relationship in a love triangle NBA star Jim Jackson and Jason Kidd.
  • Both players eventually were transferred to different teams However, there’s no tangible evidence to prove Braxton’s role in the dispute.

Shemar Moore (November 1994 from November 1994 to May, 1995):

  • We met while filming Toni’s music clip “How Many Ways.”
  • Moore described their relationship as”a wild ride. “wild trip.”

Bryant Reid (May 1993 – August 1994):

  • Bryant Reid helped with Braxton’s writing and production team.
  • The couple’s relationship ended after one year and three months due to undetermined motives.

Frankie Beverly (1993):

  • Braxton along with Frankie Beverly were briefly involved and performed together during the Christmas season of 1993.
  • The couple’s relationship didn’t last very long There has been no official announcements since.

Birdman (2016 to January 2019, November 2019, (2016 – January 2019, November 2019):

  • Toni Braxton was engaged to rapper Birdman (Baby) for several years.
  • The couple initially planned to get married towards the end of 2018 but decided to break up at the beginning of 2019.
  • Rumors of reconciliation have surfaced in November of 2019, however, they didn’t officially marry and there’s no record or mention of the couple’s relationship in social media until the year 2020.

Toni Braxton Career

Toni Braxton is a highly successful American actress and singer, well-known for her unique contralto voice. Her career began in late 1980s when she along with four of her sisters formed their group The Braxtons. When she was in the year 1993 Toni Braxton released her self-titled debut album. It quickly became a huge hit which earned 3 Grammy Awards.

“Secrets,” her second release, “Secrets,” released in 1996, featured popular songs such as “You’re Making Me Crazy” along with “Un-Break My Heart” which stayed for 11 weeks at the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100. The album further established her place as an R&B star.

Despite her success on the music scene, Braxton faced financial difficulties and even declared bankruptcy in the beginning of 2000. Braxton continued to release albums that included “The The Heat” in 2000, and “Pulse” in 2010. Braxton also branched out into acting and appeared in films such as “Kingdom Come” and “The Oogieloves from the Big Balloon Adventure.”

The year 2014 saw her teamed up together with Babyface in the project “Love Divorce, Marriage and Love,” which earned critical reviews and was awarded the Grammy Award for Best R&B Album. Braxton was the first to make her Broadway debut and subsequently continued her musical career by releasing albums such as “Sex and cigarettes.”

Her career has experienced many fluctuations and peaks, however Toni Braxton remains an influential name in the music industry. Braxton has sold millions in records, won many awards and continues to produce musical works and live shows. Her powerful voice and long-lasting legacy have made her a loved artist across the world.

Toni Braxton Children

Toni Braxton has two children. First, a son called Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis was birthed in the month of December. Her second baby, a son called Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis was born in March of 2003.

It’s crucial to remember that Diezel is diagnosed with autism. This has caused Toni Braxton to become actively involved with Autism Speaks, where she is their International Spokesperson. Despite the fact that she divorced from her husband Keri Lewis Braxton is a faithful and caring mom to two boys.

Toni Braxton Net Worth

The net worth of Toni Braxton is estimated at $10 million. This means she’s built up a wealth total of 10 million dollars from her career as a successful musician acting, directing, and other endeavors. Braxton’s earnings stem from record sales, performances at concerts as well as acting roles. business ventures.

Despite having to face financial hardships and even bankruptcy throughout her career, she’s been able to build her wealth again and is a well-known figure in the world of entertainment. Her net worth speaks to her talents and perseverance when faced with various financial difficulties through her professional career.

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