Is Tara Lipinski Pregnant: Who Is Tara Lipinski Husband?

As of 2023 Tara Lipinski is not pregnant however she spoke about her journey to fertility on her podcast “Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting,” where she talked about her initial concerns about having children naturally, after having fertility treatments by a doctor.

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Is Tara Lipinski Pregnant?

In the year 2023 Tara Lipinski is not pregnant. She recently spoke about her journey of pregnancy in her show “Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting.” Prior to that, she underwent several medical procedures in order to obtain eggs for fertility treatments. They which resulted in 13 embryos however only two were viable. Her doctor then suggested she try to conceive naturally, which Tara initially believed was not likely to succeed.

In order to do this, they analyzed her ovulation and then gave the woman a shot to in regulating the timing of the ovulation. After they confirmed she was ovulating Tara and her partner attempted to have a child naturally. This story illustrates that pregnancy journeys aren’t always predictable and at times, unorthodox methods can bring the excitement of beginning the family. Tara’s story is a reminder that each person’s path to becoming a parent may be different.

Does Tara Lipinski Have Children?

The answer is no, Tara Lipinski doesn’t have any children in the year 2023.Tara Lipinski has shared her thoughts about the struggles she has faced to becoming a mother. In an emotional Instagram post she wrote that Tara, the Olympic gold medalist revealed that she along with her husband, Todd Kapostasy, have been trying to get pregnant since 2018. The experience of fertility has been difficult. The post also included a photo of her sleeping on a couch, clutching 2 pregnancy test results.

She said that she’d kept this secret for the past five years and she said it was unusual for her since she’s always candid about her life with her fans. But, she required some time to adjust to her new life. In the five years that followed the life of Tara was significantly affected by fertility issues which Tara described as traumatic and frequently painful. She was forced to go through this challenging journey in a private way until she was mentally and emotionally capable of sharing it with other people.

Who Is Tara Lipinski?

Tara Kristen Lipinski, born on the 10th of June, 1982, is an American figure skater and actress. She also worked as a sports commentator as well as documentary filmmaker. She was astonished by the feats she accomplished during her career in figure skating. Tara was famous for her achievements in the women’s singles figure skating. She took home her first Olympic silver medal at the 1998 Olympics and was the World champion in 1997.

She also won her participation in the Champions Series Final in 1997 and 1998 and also winning the U.S. national championship in 1997. In 1997 she was the youngest single skater to win these distinctions, and was also the youngest person to win both an Olympic and World champion in the history of figure skating. She was renowned for her distinctive jump that was triple loop-triple loop which she performed during the competition.

Tara Lipinski had a famous rivalry with her fellow skating star Michelle Kwan, which the American media emphasized. The rivalry was at its height when Tara was awarded an Olympic gold medal during the 1998 Olympics. After resigning from competition figure skating for 1998 Tara continued to excel throughout her professional career. She was a winner in every competition she participated in during that time and was the youngest figure skater to be awarded in the World Professional Figure Skating Championships.

She also participated in live shows until she retired from figure skating in 2002. The year 2014 saw Tara Lipinski, along with sports commentator Terry Gannon and her friend Johnny Weir, another figure skater, were the main figure skating commentators on NBC. The role gave her the opportunity to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for figure skating to the viewers.

Born10-June- 1982 (age 41 years old), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
SpouseTodd Kapostasy (m. 2017)
Height1.55 m
ParentsJack Richard Lipinski, Patricia Lipinski
MedalFigure Skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics – Women’s Singles
Weight46 kg
Began Skating1988

Tara Lipinski Early Life

Tara Kristen Lipinski was born on the 10th of June 1982 in Philadelphia to her parents, “Pat” Lipinski and Jack Lipinski, who worked in the oil industry. When Tara was only two years old young, she sat through 1984’s Summer Olympics and stood on the bottom of a Tupperware bowl pretending to be the gold medalist. At the age of three she began skating on rollers and was crowned a national champion in her age group at 9 years old.

In the year Tara was nine years old, she started figure skating. She also took classes in the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware. Her father landed his first job and the family relocated from Delaware to Sugar Land, Texas, close to Houston. Tara trained in a public ice-rink in The Galleria. Two years later, Tara as well as her mom returned to Delaware in order to pursue her education under her coach Jeff DiGregorio, who had been working with Tara intermittently for a period of three years before they relocated to Texas. Her father remained in Texas to provide for the family.

In 1995, Tara and her mom moved in 1995 to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, to learn from trainer Richard Callaghan at the Detroit Skating Club. This was a significant step in her journey to figure skating.

Tara Lipinski Career

Tara Lipinski had an incredible career in figure skating. She began skating at age three and soon became an emerging athlete in her sport. Just 15 years old she was awarded her very first championship in the year 1997. She then won her first World Championships the same year. She became the youngest to accomplish this feat since Sonja Henie did it in 1936. The year 1998 was the time Tara participated at her first Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan and was a favorite to take home an Olympic gold medal.

She did not disappoint, giving flawless performances both in the short and long program. Tara was awarded the gold medal with an enormous margin, becoming the youngest person to achieve the Olympic silver medal for figure skating, at 15 years old and more than 255 days. Following her participation in the Olympics, Tara retired from competitive skating and started an broadcasting career.

She began to be a commentator at the figure skating competitions on NBC as well as other networks in 2000. She also appeared in movies and television shows and also published two books. Tara Lipinski serves as a role model for women and girls as well as anyone who hopes of making it big. She is an absolute advocate and source of inspiration to many.

Tara Lipinski Personal Life

Tara Lipinski got married to Todd Kapostasy in June 2017. They were introduced at an occasion known as The 2015 Sports Emmys, where Tara handed Todd an honorary award in recognition of his contribution to production of sports. Following that, they began being together for two years prior to they tied the knot. The day they were married, Tara had her friends Johnny Weir and Scott Hamilton as guests at the wedding ceremony.

Tara is an ardent Christian and has been dedicated to Saint. Therese of Lisieux since 1994. The saint believes St. Therese helped her to win her first Olympics in 1998 and also recover after hip surgeries in the year 2000. In the Olympics she wore a medal in honor of the saint of. Therese that was given to her by an Catholic clergyman from Pittsburgh. She even expressed gratitude to St. Therese when she was waiting to hear her scores following her short course in Nagano.

The coach was holding a tiny sculpture of Saint. Therese during her free skating. Tara also wore a unique necklace gifted an uncle gift to her that read her name and the phrase “Short, but good.” Prior to every competition, Tara set the statue of Saint. Therese on the boards. After the Nagano Olympics she offered her Olympic medal as well as her skater’s costume to an exhibition. She built an indoor playroom at a children’s hospital in Detroit to honor the saint of Detroit, St. Therese.

Her belief is that the roses an emblem of Saint. Therese, have always been there with her through her worst and best moments. In September of 2020, Tara revealed that she was suffering from a medical condition known as endometriosis. She made the announcement publically to bring awareness to the disease. Tara was treated with surgery to treat the condition, and despite the fact that her symptoms weren’t serious, they became more severe over the course of five years prior to being diagnosed and treated. She reported that the procedure was successful and she was able to enjoy generally pain-free recovery. Tara was grateful to actress and dancer Julianne Hough for raising awareness of endometriosis. It inspired Tara to take action for her own health issue.

Tara Lipinski Husband

The husband of Tara is Todd Kapostasy. He is a documentary and sports producer. The two first came together at the Sports Emmys when Tara presented him with an award. They began to date and remained together for two years until they got wed in June of 2017 at Charleston, South Carolina. Todd Kapostasy is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

He has been an executive producer for a variety of sports networks which include NBC, ESPN, and Fox Sports. He is also one the founding members of a production company known as May Fifth Productions. They both Tara and Todd have a love of figure skating. They’ve collaborated on a variety of projects relating to figure skating, including the documentary film “Meddling: The Olympic Skating Scandal That Shocked the World.” They also host the podcast “Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting.”

Tara Lipinski Net Worth

Tara Lipinski is a highly successful figure skater who gained immense fame and success throughout her career. She was the youngest female to be the winner of the US national title in figure skating, but her record was shattered in the year 2019. After quitting skating she decided to pursue a career as an actress and sports commentator and was able to earn a decent income. In the present the net worth of Tara Lipinski is estimated at $25 million.

NameTara Kristen Lipinski
Net Worth (2023)$27 Million
ProfessionFormer figure skater, actress, commentator, producer
Monthly Income and Salary$175,000+
Yearly Income and Salary$2 Million+
Last Updated2023

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