Is Sue Ling Goh Leaving Global News: Where Is Sue Ling Goh Now?

Su-Ling Goh has resigned from Global News after a 17-year period working as health correspondent as well as noon news anchor, to look for new career opportunities.

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Is Sue Ling Gong Goh Leaving Global News?

Yes, Su-Ling is going to leave Global News. After serving as the health reporter for the past 17 years and becoming an anchor for The noon show, she’s decided to pursue new career opportunities. This is the conclusion of her career with Global Edmonton.

Su-Ling Goh is known for her sincere and caring persona among her coworkers working in the media. Her departure marks a major shift in Global Edmonton. Global Edmonton team, as she has played a crucial part in providing information on health and news to viewers for many years.

Although it’s a bit sad to lose her it’s a normal aspect of the news business anchors and reporters may choose to take on different avenues in their career. Global Edmonton will continue to provide you with the latest information, but Su-Ling’s appearance will not be remembered by her colleagues as well as the public. We wish her the very best in her new career.

Who is Sue Ling Goh Husband?

The husband of Su-Ling Goh is Jason. Jason and Su-Ling Goh have two sons and they are named Danick Garrison and Danick Garrison. Su-Ling isn’t just a committed anchor and health journalist, but she is also a loving mother and husband. Family life is an integral aspect of her life, and she enjoys spending time with her family and husband when she’s not occupied with her work.

Jason as well as their twin sons Danick Garrison and Danick Garrison, provide a lot of happiness and support in Su-Ling’s daily life. they are often able to enjoy family times together. Su-Ling’s ability of balancing her professional goals and her personal life is a reflection of her dedication to both her work and her beloved children.

Who is Sue LingGoh?

Su-Ling Goh is a highly regarded journalist who is known as anchor and health reporter on Global News at Noon in Edmonton, Canada. Su-Ling has more than 15 years of experience in covering health-related subjects and has been awarded numerous times for her sane and honest reporting. Su-Ling is a graduate of an undergraduate degree in Science with a concentration in Zoology of The University of Alberta and a certificate of Radio and Television Arts from NAIT.

Apart from her journalism work Su-Ling is also a committed family member. Su-Ling is the wife of Jason and is mother of 2 sons, Danick and Garrison. Family is a vital element of her life and she is a fan of being with her beloved family members when she’s not at work.

Su-Ling is not just renowned for her professional accomplishments, but she is also known for her active participation in local events as well as her volunteering, which has earned her the recognition and accolades of various non-profit organizations. Her ability to combine an active career and a healthy family life makes her a revered and revered person in her local community.

NameSu-Ling Goh
CareerHealth Reporter and Anchor
ExperienceMore than 17 years of the field of journalism
EducationMaster of Science (Zoology) from the University of Alberta
Certificate of Radio and Television Arts from NAIT
AwardsNational Awards from various medical associations
Regional journalism Awards from RTDNA Canada
Awards for alumni from NAIT, the University of Alberta and NAIT
ChildrenDanick and Garrison

Sue Ling Goh Career

Su-Ling Goh has enjoyed an extensive and rewarding career in journalism, primarily as anchor and health reporter. With more than 15 years of expertise in the area, she is well-known for her professionalism and sincere reporting. She has an undergraduate degree in Science in Zoology from the University of Alberta, specializing in zoology. She also has an award of Radio and Television Arts from NAIT.

Su-Ling’s most notable career achievements include working as the committed health reporter in Global News at Noon in Edmonton. Su-Ling has won numerous awards from respected organizations for her thorough and insightful reportage on health-related issues. In addition to her work in journalism Su-Ling has also been involved in volunteer activities and community events. work, receiving recognition from various non-profit groups.

Alongside her journalism professional career, Su-Ling worked for the last six years host for a popular national entertainment program on Global where she interviewed Hollywood stars and reported on glamorous events. Her professional path reflects her versatility, commitment to journalism and the role she plays as a caring wife and mother.

Where is Sue going after she has left Global News?

Su-Ling’s plans for the future following her the departure of Global News have not been publicly announced or announced at the moment. As she embarks on a new career path but the specific location or job she’ll take on following her departure is not known. Su-Ling is well-known for her knowledge of health reporting as well as her contributions to journalism both nationally and locally.

It’s possible that she’ll pursue possibilities outside or within the realm of journalism however, until she makes an announcement that is official or her plans are revealed the precise route she’ll take is still a mystery. Her decision to leave Global News marks a significant shift in her professional life, which is why many people will be keen to see where her abilities and determination will lead her in the future.

Global News

Global News is the part of the Canadian Global Television Network that covers news and current news and current events. The network is operated by Corus Entertainment, which is responsible for the management of all national news programs and local news coverage on the 21 stations it owns and manages.

Corus also operated several talk radio stations that were branded “Global News Radio” and has a radio station devoted to news. In addition, the Corus division also has their own website, where they publish news articles and other information and goes under similar name “Global News.”

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