Is Sonia Kruger Married: Who Is Sonia Kruger Husband?

Learn about Sonia Kruger, a prominent Australian TV presenter and media personality who isn’t currently married. Discover more details about her age, journey in the role of mothering her child and her success in the entertainment field.

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Is Sonia Kruger Married?

Sonia Kruger, an Australian TV presenter and media star has had a marriage experience in her lifetime. She was married to James Davies, a British-born banker in 2002. Their union, however, ran into issues and, after six years of marriage the couple made the decision to break up in the year 2008.

After the breakup the marriage Sonia Kruger entered a new phase in her life after she was introduced to Craig McPherson. Craig is an executive producer on the television show “Today Tonight” was her new partner and was a refreshing source of encouragement and friendship.

As their relationship grew, Sonia and Craig expressed their desire to begin an extended family. They encountered challenges on their journey towards becoming parents with tragic miscarriages. Despite the struggles with their emotions they endured, the couple was resilient and determined to achieve their goal of having the child of their dreams.

Their persistence was rewarded when, on August 14, 2014 Sonia Kruger shared the happy news of her pregnancy. With the help of In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) using an egg donor the couple was able to conceive. In 2015 couples welcomed their long-awaited baby girl into the world making it a memorable and happy time in their life.

Through the lows and highs of her private life, Sonia Kruger continues to attract viewers to her shows as she cherishes the joy and love that she has found within her relationships and husband Craig and the joy of motherhood that they cherish together.

Sonia Kruger Husband

Sonia Kruger, the renowned Australian TV presenter, was wed to James Davies, a British banker, in the month of January 2003. The couple decided to have a intimate and private wedding and vows exchange, the couple got married and began their journey in the role of couple. In their six-year marriage they seemed to be a loving and happy couple who shared both joyous and difficult moments.

But as time passed, Sonia and James faced issues in their marriage and, in the end, their relationship eventually came to a crossroads. After 2008, the couple took their difficult choice to split and follow their own paths. In spite of their efforts to come to terms, it became clear that their disagreements were unsolvable which led to the dissolution of their marriage.

Although their union may be coming to an end, Sonia Kruger and James Davies certainly had a lot of fun during their lives. Their wedding ceremony was an beginning to what appeared like a positive path however, when they diverged over the course of six years the two persevered in their individual pursuits leaving behind a memory of a time full of love, struggles and personal improvement.

How old is Sonia Kruger’s Daughter?

When Sonia Kruger’s daughter Maggie is about to reach 8 years old, she is entering an important stage of her life that is full of expansion, discovery and development. As they grow older children experience a range of physical as well as emotional and cognitive changes that establish the basis for their personalities and passions.

In terms of cognitive development, at 8 years old Maggie’s brain is active learning and forming connections. The language skills of Maggie are likely to be good enough to allow her to speak more clearly and participate engaging in conversations that are meaningful. She could also show an keen interest in storytelling, reading and activities to solve problems which challenge her growing intelligence.

As Maggie grows, Sonia, as a compassionate and caring mother, is a key player in helping her daughter develop. Sonia’s guidance, encouragement and involvement in her daughter’s world will contribute in shaping her character and enhancing her confidence as she goes through this pivotal period of growing up. Mother and daughter’s bond will grow stronger and be filled with shared experiences memories, unforgettable moments, and the unshakeable love that is the foundation of their bond.

Sonia Kruger Age

As Sonia Kruger approaches an age of 57 she is regarded as an experienced and seasoned professional in the entertainment field appreciated for her talent and contributions to numerous television shows and shows. With years of working in the public eye She has earned an impressive following and gained the respect of her friends and colleagues alike.

At the age of 57, Sonia likely reflects on an impressive career that is filled with unforgettable moments and achievements. Her talents as a host, presenter as well as a media personality have allowed her to engage with viewers and make a lasting impression on the business. In the course of her career she has been able to adapt to changing trends and new technologies showing her versatility and lasting appeal.

While she’s a well-known public figure Sonia Kruger’s personal lives could also be full and satisfying. As a proud mom to her daughter Maggie she has witnessed the joys and struggles of motherhood, and has mastered the right balance between her work commitments and her family life.

Sonia Kruger Partner

Sonia Kruger’s partner at present has been Craig McPherson, who holds the job of the The Director for Seven Network’s News and Public Affairs. As a seasoned journalist, Craig is a major part in directing the news and public affairs programming on Seven Network. Seven Network, one of the most prominent television networks in Australia.

A distinguished professional career in the field of media Craig McPherson’s knowledge and leadership skills have been vital in determining the coverage of news and public affairs programs. His duties could include overseeing teams in the news and making editorial decisions and ensuring that information is delivered precise and timely news to its viewers.

A partner from the same field could give Sonia with a distinct understanding of the needs and complexities that accompany work in the field of media. The shared professional experience could create a stronger bond between them when they navigate the ever-changing and fast-paced world of broadcasting television.

Who is Sonia Kruger?

Sonia Melissa Kruger is a popular Australian TV presenter as well as a media personality with more than 20 years of experience in the business. She is currently hosting Big Brother Australia and presents on The Voice Australia, gaining the attention for her co-hosting Dancing with the Stars and her part in the film Strictly Ballroom.

Sonia has covered a variety of occasions for Seven Network, including the Olympics and the Melbourne Cup, and received the Gold Logie Award in 2023. Despite her achievements however, she’s been subject to criticism for her comments about immigration and Muslims. Her birthplace is Toowoomba, Queensland, she graduated from Beenleigh State High School and holds an arts degree in the University of Technology, Sydney and also teaches the dance class at NIDA.

NameSonia Melissa Kruger
Date of Birth28 August 1965
The place of birthToowoomba, Queensland, Australia
EducationUniversity of Technology
OccupationsTelevision Presenter, Actress, Media Personality

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