Is Shakin Stevens Married: Who Is Shakin Stevens Wife?

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What is Shakin Stevens all about?

Michael Barratt is a Welsh musician and singer who was born in 1948. He is better known as Shakin Stevens. Most notably, he is recognized as the UK’s biggest-selling singles artists of the 1980s. Stevens began his career in the late 60s but he did not achieve commercial success till 1980. Stevens has been releasing music since the 1960s, but his last Top 40 hit was “Trouble”, released in 2005. “Merry Christmas Everyone”, therefore, is Stevens’ most recent Top 40 track.

Stevens’ music was heavily influenced by 1950s rock and pop. He gained his greatest hits using nostalgia. Stevens has had 33 Top 40 UK hits and four of them reached the number one spot. His most popular songs are “This Ole House”, “Green Door”, “Oh Julie” and “Merry Christmas Everyone”. It’s worth noting that the song “Merry Christmas Everyone”, which was released in 1983, is still popular at Christmas.

Is Shakin Stevens Married?

Shakin Stevens (real name Michael Barratt) is a Welsh musician best known for his rock-and-roll-style of music. He gained fame in the 1980s. He married Carole Dunn in October 1967 and the couple was together for 42 long years. They welcomed three children to their family during their marriage – two named Jason and Dean and one whose name was not well known.

Their marriage ended in 2009. They decided to separate and divorced. The reason for their separation has not been made public, but it was reported that the couple remained friendly and co-parented their children.

How old is Shakin Stevens today?

Shakin’ Stevens is a Welsh musician who was born Michael Barratt. He is known for his rock-and-roll style of music. His recording and performing career began in the late 1960s. However, it was not until 1980 that he found commercial success. He was the UK’s biggest singles artist in the 1980s. This is a testament to both his talent and popularity.

Shakin’ Stevens, born in Ely, Cardiff on March 4, 48, will be 75 years old by April 2023. Shakin’ Stevens is still a prominent figure in the music business, and his music remains popular with fans around the world.

Is Shakin Stevens ill?

Shakin’ Stevens (real name Michael Barratt) suffered a heartattack in 2010 that nearly took his life. He was saved in the middle night by his partner, who performed CPR with the assistance of a 999 operator. Shaky was almost fatally affected by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle becomes thicker.

HOCM can cause irregular heartbeats or damage to the muscles, and even lead to cardiac arrest. Doctors believe that stress played a part in Shaky’s heart attack. However, they also said the condition is primarily genetic. Shaky’s older brother died in 2006 of a similar condition.

Shakin Stevens, who suffered a heart attack in 2010, has made some major lifestyle changes since then, including giving up alcohol. He has recovered and is now back performing and recording. He released Echoes of our Times in 2016, his 12th studio record, and is currently preparing to tour in 2024.

Where is Shakin now?

Shakin’ Stevens has led a very busy life. There were also no resources that mentioned his current location. He had three children with Carole Dunn: Jason, Dean and Paula. After their divorce in 2009. he began a relationship his manager Sue Davies. Shakin’ Stevens credited Davies for saving his life after he suffered a heartattack in July 2010.

His music is still celebrated and loved by fans around the globe. Shakin’ Stevens may age over time, but his contribution to the music industry is forever remembered.

Shakin Stevens Kids

Shakin Stevens is the father of three children by his 1967 marriage to Carole Dunn. The couple was together for more than 40 years before they divorced in 2009. The couple has two sons, Jason and Dean, and a daughter called Paula.

Shakin’ Stevens has no children. It’s important to note that Jason Stevens has been credited on several of his father’s albums as a guitar player. In 2019, Dean Stevens was in the news after he caused a tragic car accident which resulted in the death of a man aged 72. Reports claim that he was under the influence of drugs when the accident occurred. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison. It is unclear whether this incident has affected Shakin’ Stevens’ relationship with his son.

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