Is Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander Pregnant: Who Is Maya Vander Husband?

Maya Vander from Selling Sunset is pregnant? Check here to learn about the pregnancy and children of Selling Sunset’s star, Maya Vander.

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Who is Maya Vander?

Maya Vander, a popular real estate agent who starred in the Netflix series Selling Sunset, is well known. Maya Vander was born on August 12, 1982. She has lived abroad in Israel, the Netherlands and Spain before settling down in Los Angeles, then Miami.

Maya, who has a long and successful career in real estate, is associated with the Oppenheim Group, Los Angeles, since February 2015. This was stated in her LinkedIn profile. Maya still maintains connections with the renowned brokerage despite her departure from Selling Sunset in 2022.

Maya is a successful and talented businesswoman who has worked with notable companies in the industry. She was affiliated with Douglas Elliman Real Estate, and more recently joined Compass both in Miami and Los Angeles.

Maya Vander has a reputation for being a leading figure in real estate due to her expertise and experience. Her captivating presence on Selling Sunset also contributes to this. Maya Vander’s global experience and dedication to her job have helped her thrive in the real estate industry.

Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander Pregnant

Maya Vander, alumna of Selling Sunset, welcomed her “miracle child” named Emma. Maya Vander revealed on Instagram that Emma was born last month. Maya Miller’s husband David Miller and their children Aiden (4 years) and Elle (3 years) are all part of this happy addition to Maya Miller’s family.

Maya had been upfront about losing her pregnancy at 38 weeks back in 2021. She chose to remain quiet this time until she knew the pregnancy’s progress. She wanted to make sure the baby was healthy and that the delivery would be successful before she shared the news. Maya was pregnant when she joined Selling Sunset in its first season. She decided to leave Selling Sunset on a permanent basis after Season 5.

Maya reflected on her experience and said that her previous losses had made her more careful and concerned during Emma’s pregnancy. Maya, who has suffered multiple miscarriages as well as a stillbirth cherishes the three children she is blessed with. Maya’s story illustrates the high rate of stillbirths in the U.S., where approximately 24,000 cases are reported each year. It also highlights her gratitude and joy for the “miracle child.”

Maya Vander Husband

Dave Miller is the name of Maya Vander’s husband. Maya Vander prefers to keep their relationship private, so she refers to her husband as “my spouse” in social media posts.

Maya and Dave were in a long-distance romance before they got married. They had to overcome the difficulties of living in different places. Their love and commitment to each other won out, and they built a life together.

The couple lives in Miami, Florida and have two children. The limited information about Maya’s husband is a testament to the couple’s strong bond and dedication to raising a family.

Maya Vander Has a Baby

Maya Vander is a former actress from “Selling Sunset” who recently welcomed a baby into her family. She announced joyfully on Instagram that her “miracle child” is enjoying its first month. Maya Miller and her husband David Miller welcomed their daughter Emma into the world a month ago.

Emma is the third child in the Vander-Miller clan, joining their four-year old son Aiden and their three-year old daughter Elle. Maya’s Instagram posts revealed her happiness and gratitude as she embraces her new chapter, savoring precious moments with her daughter.

Maya Vander’s family has experienced a great deal of joy since the birth of their “miracle child” as they enjoy the love, growth and beautiful gift of a new life.

How many children does Vander have?

Maya Vander is the mother of three children, Aiden, Elle Madison and Emma. Maya Vander is known for her “Selling Sunrise” appearances. She has three children. Aiden Vander, her first child, was born on February 19, 2019. Aiden appeared in the first episode of Season 2 of the series. Maya will announce the birth of her second baby, a girl named Elle Madison, in May 2020.

Maya Miller and her husband David Miller suffered a tragic loss in December of 2021, when Maya gave birth to a stillborn baby at 38 weeks. Maya expressed her grief and pain in an emotional Instagram posting. They lost their son, Mason. She shared her sorrow and said that she would never wish this tragedy on anyone.

Maya and David’s journey brought them hope and healing despite the devastating loss. Maya revealed in May 2023 that she was nine months pregnant with her third child. Maya and David welcomed Emma into the world last month. Emma’s arrival brought joy and happiness into their family as they continue honoring the memory of Mason and cherishing the blessings of a growing family.

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