Is Rosalie Bonenfant Married: To Whom Is Rosalie Bonenfant Marry?

Is Rosalie Bonenfant Married? Find out if Rosalie Bonenfant is married in 2024.

Is Rosalie Bonenfant Married?

Rosalie Bonenfant, as of 2024 has not revealed any information about her marital status. There is also no public confirmation that she is married. She has kept her private life and relationships hidden from the public throughout her career. She was once publicly in a relationship, and both Miro Belzil (a Quebec singer, songwriter, and actor) appeared together on different platforms.

They were able to show their relationship through their collaboration on YouTube, podcasts and music videos. As of 2024, her current relationship status with Miro remains unknown as she hasn’t provided any updates or revealed details about her romance. Rosalie Bonenfant maintains a high level of privacy in her personal life, which leaves speculations about her relationship status unanswered.

Who Is Rosalie Bonenfant

Rosalie Bonenfant, a Quebecois with a diverse range of talents in the entertainment industry, is recognized for her many contributions. She has been praised for her work as an actress in productions like “Ines” (2020), which showcases her ability to give depth and authenticity to characters. Rosalie’s versatility has been demonstrated as an author, host, screenwriter and actress in addition to her acting skills. She is a force on the Quebec entertainment scene.

Rosalie Bonenfant’s work on diverse projects such as “Aller simple”, (2022), and “Anna Kiri Superstar” is also celebrated, demonstrating that she is committed to exploring different genres and narratives.

Her career is not just about her acting abilities, but also her ability to create compelling stories and engage audiences in different capacities. Rosalie’s commitment to her craft, and her ability navigate multiple roles in the industry seamlessly make her a respected character within Quebec’s entertainment scene.

NameRosalie Bonenfant
BirthAugust 26, 1996
Born PlaceMontreal, Quebec, Canada
NationalityCanadian (Flag of Canada).
Work – OccupationCollaborator and Animator. Author, Columnist, and Screenwriter.
ParentsMelanie Maynard
Relationship StatusSingles

Rosalie Bonenfant Career

Rosalie Bonenfant has a career that demonstrates her versatility in the entertainment industry. In 2013, she was cast as Sarah in Radio-Canada’s “Les Parent”. She played the part with dedication up until 2016. She also showed off her acting skills in the short “Les objects perdus”, and appeared in several TV shows such as “Partir diffemment en familia” and “30 lives.”

Rosalie’s career grew and she expanded her portfolio by becoming an author in the magazine Urbania, as well as appearing on YouTube channels like Lysandre Nados, Miro Belzil and Mahdi B.

In 2017, she began her journey into hosting and commenting when she became a columnist at Le Journal de Montreal’s “Sac de chips”. Rosalie’s presence in the media continued to grow. She participated in projects such as “Code F” or “Club Mel” and showcased her comedic flare on shows such as “Le punch” or “Sucre Sale.”

Rosalie has also written, co-authored and designed for “Webtele Protectrice,” a web series. In 2018, Rosalie’s creative pursuits expanded into the literary world, when she published her first book “The Time I Wrote a Book.” Rosalie’s reach grew through her collaborations with media outlets such as Elle Quebec and VLOG on TVA.

Rosalie’s talent reached new heights when she hosted “C’est que l’trip?” in 2020. On ICI Extra she won a Gemeaux award for best animation. She continued to be involved in various projects, such as acting in “Ines” (2020), taking part in Desjardins Table rase, and joining “La Corriveau”, a musical theatre production, in 2021.

Rosalie’s career is marked by a dynamic adaptability to various media platforms. This has helped her establish herself as an influential and multifaceted figure in Quebec entertainment.

Rosalie Bonneenfant Early Life

Rosalie Bonenfant, a native of Montreal, began her journey into the entertainment industry with diverse training in jazz dance, circus arts and theater. Early exposure to these disciplines helped develop her diverse skill set. Rosalie began her career in the film and television industry with a small part on TV. She also had a role in a short movie, which demonstrated her commitment to the craft.

Rosalie’s theatrical training was more intense between 2009 and 2012. She trained at the Carre Theatre du Vieux Longueuil. This was a crucial time in Rosalie’s development as a performer.

She also continued to land small and secondary TV roles, as well as a prominent role in a Web TV production. Rosalie’s early career was marked by her dedication to learning, and the gradual development of a wide range of skills. This set the stage for later success in the industry.

Rosalie Bonenfant Family

Rosalie Bonenfant is from a family with roots in the Quebec entertainment business. Her mother, Melanie Maynard, is a well-known actor and host. Rosalie Bonenfant’s father’s identity is not known to the public, but she has a half-sister called Camille who was born from her mother’s previous marriage. Rosalie’s private life, which includes her father’s name, is not widely covered on the Internet, maintaining privacy.

Rosalie Maynard and her mother Melanie Maynard teamed up in May 2019 as ambassadors of the Dare to Give campaign, an initiative to support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. This collaboration demonstrates their commitment to philanthropy, and raises awareness for important causes.

Rosalie Maynard, her friends, and Miro Belzil (her then-lover) performed a moving tribute to Melanie Maynard, her mother, on Radio-Canada’s “Priere De Ne Sent De Fleur” on 23 March 2018. This public display of love and support highlights the closeness of the family, and the importance of the relationships between them in personal and professional areas.

Rosalie Bonenfant Net Worth

Rosalie Bonenfant net worth is $1 million. Her main source of income is her successful and diverse career in the entertainment business. She has earned money as an actress who has landed roles in a variety of television shows and films.

Rosalie’s versatility as an actor has been demonstrated from her early days, when she played characters like Sarah in “Les Parent”, to her more recent projects, such as the film “Ines”, which is scheduled for release in 2022. This will likely increase her marketability and her income in a competitive field.

Rosalie’s career has grown beyond acting to include screenwriting, hosting, and writing. Rosalie’s involvement in TV shows such as “ALT” and her collaborations with other media outlets (including writing for Urbania, Elle Quebec and VRAK) adds to the income she earns.

Her web series ventures, including co-writing and design for “Webtele Protectionrice”, contribute to her financial portfolio. Rosalie Bonenfant is a multifaceted figure in Quebec’s entertainment industry, with a career that includes acting, hosting and writing. She earns income from different sources.

Rosalie Bonenfant is married to who?

Rosalie Bonenfant, as of 2024 has not revealed any information regarding her marriage, and her relationship status is private. She was in a long-term relationship with Miro Bezil, an actor and singer from Quebec, with whom Rosalie Bonenfant worked on several web platforms.

Rosalie Bonenfant has never publicly confirmed that she and Miro are still in a relationship. She also hasn’t provided any updates regarding her love life. The actress and performer keeps her private life under wraps, and does not reveal her current relationship or marital status.

Miro Belzil: Who is he?

Miro Belzil is a singer, songwriter, and actor from Quebec. He was born in Granby on 8 February 1993. His talents in the entertainment business brought him public recognition. Miro is known for his music and has contributed to Quebec’s vibrant culture as a singer-songwriter.

Rosalie Bonenfant’s collaboration on various web platforms, podcasts, and YouTube channels shows his involvement in diverse creative endeavors. Miro Belzil’s career and personal history may not be widely known, but his contribution to Quebec’s art scene is evident, especially through his music and collaborative efforts.

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