Is Roger Rogerson Dead: What Happened To Roger Rogerson?

Roger Rogerson, once a very decorated NSW officers, died aged 83. It marks the conclusion of a controversial and scandalous life.

Is Roger Rogerson Dead?

Indeed, Roger Rogerson, the famous ex- New South Wales police officer was a former police officer in New South Wales who has died. He passed away in the Sydney’s Prince of Wales hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm while in his cell in Long Bay jail. Rogerson was also known in the public sphere as “The Dodger,” was receiving treatment for his terminal illness prior to the time of his passing on Sunday after which his life support was turned off.

Who was Roger Rogerson?

Roger Rogerson was a controversial and former highly decorated detective of his time with the New South Wales police force. In his 28 years of service his first year of service, he was praised for his bravery and extraordinary police work. But his image was ruined when his involvement in Sydney’s notorious crime syndicates which led to accusations of misconduct, corruption as well as involvement in the murder of a person.

The height of his decline was in 1986, when Rogerson was fired by the force over the resounding allegations of misconduct. The situation took a more bleak direction in 2014 when Rogerson was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder-by-execution of a drug dealers Jamie Gao. The tragic ending of a career that began with promise, but was ruined by scandal and insanity.

What Happened to Roger Rogerson?

Roger Rogerson’s time within his time in the NSW police force began with promise. He was awarded praise and awards for his accomplishments. But his career turned dark after he was implicated in accusations of corruption and infractions. A major incident was the shooting in 1981 of a heroin dealers Warren Lanfranchi, leading to controversy and casting doubt on Rogerson’s reputation as a professional.

The peak of his career came in 1986, when he was fired from the police department due to a number of unfounded allegations of misconduct, which marked an end to his once-highly decorated career. Rogerson’s continued involvement in criminal activity such as the 2014 killing of Jamie Gao, sealed his fate by imposing a life sentence. Roger Rogerson’s tale reveals his tragic decline from an officer in the law enforcement field who was respected to one who was stricken by scandal and crime.

How Did Roger Rogerson Die?

Roger Rogerson died at the age of 83, after suffering an brain aneurysm while inside his prison cell in Long Bay jail. He was admitted into the Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital for final treatment and died on Sunday night. The disgraced former police officer was in prison for life for the murder in 2014 of dealers Jamie Gao, a crime that he defended as innocence.

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