Is Rob Marciano Leaving GMA: Where Is Rob Marciano Now?

Get the latest information on Rob Marciano’s job in ABC and whether he’s resigning from Good Morning America, get information on the meteorologist’s revised schedule, and continue his journey in the ABC News network. ABC News.

Is Rob Marciano Leaving GMA?

The truth is that Rob Marciano will no longer be providing weather updates for GMA’s weekends. The new role will be filled by Somara Theodore is performing this job. It’s crucial to remember it’s not the case that Rob Marciano is not leaving ABC. He’s been at ABC News for nearly a decade and is excited to be able to continue his career there.

The change in his work schedule means that he’ll spend more moments with family during weekends. In addition to his usual obligations, Marciano hinted at an exciting new venture in partnership with NatGeo which means we’re sure to hear more from him in the near future.

These changes reflect ABC’s growing meteorology team, as they expand their coverage of news related to climate. Although Rob Marciano may have shifted his attention to working on weekdays but he is still a valuable participant in ABC News. ABC News team, contributing across all platforms and shows.

Who is Rob Marciano?

Rob Marciano is an American journalist and meteorologist. He is currently employed by ABC News, where he provides weather forecasts for the weekends broadcasts on Good Morning America. Prior to joining ABC the station, he was employed at CNN Worldwide in Atlanta, where he worked as meteorologist, and occasionally covered news stories or acted as anchor. He was also meteorologist at Fox News Channel and The Weather Channel.

Marciano has been certified as a meteorologist for broadcast. He has been awarded his American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval. Marciano is a member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society.

In addition to his meteorology career, Marciano is an avid outdoorsman. He is a fan of activities such as camping, hiking and fishing. He is also a staunch advocate of conserving the environmental environment.

NameRob Marciano
BornRobert Mark Marciano
Date of BirthJune 25, 1968
Place of BirthGlenville, Fairfield County, Connecticut, U.S.
EducationCornell University
SpouseEryn Marciano (married in 2010)

Rob Marciano Age

Rob Marciano, born on June 25 1968, is now aged 55. Rob has a long and storied career as a meteorologist with experience with more than 25 years worth of expertise within the industry. His remarkable career has included working with several of the industry’s major players, including CNN, Fox News Channel as well as The Weather Channel.

He currently holds the position of meteorologist for ABC News, where he is in charge of delivering forecasts of the weather for the Sunday versions of Good Morning America.

Is Rob Marciano Married?

Rob Marciano and his spouse, Eryn, shared 11 years of marriage until Eryn started divorce in June of 2021. The divorce proceedings were concluded and were completed in 2022.

Rob as well as Eryn are the parents of two children who are called Madelynn as well as Mason. They have been successfully practicing co-parenting by working with each other in a way that allows them to ensure the best possible care for their children.

Rob Marciano Career

Rob Marciano has had an impressive career as a journalist and meteorologist. His love for weather and reporting has brought him to numerous notable roles in the field.

Rob Marciano gained recognition as meteorologist at CNN which he was employed with for more than 10 years. He offered weather updates and reports to various CNN shows, including “American Morning” and “Anderson Cooper 360deg.” His meteorology expertise and his on-air presence that was engaging has made him a reliable source for weather information.

The year 2014 saw Rob Marciano joined ABC News as their Senior Meteorologist. He was a well-known face on ABC’s morning program “Good Morning America.” As a part of the show Rob provided forecasts of weather conditions, reported on extreme weather events, as well as contributing to segments about environmental and climate issues. Rob’s ability to convey complicated weather patterns in a approachable way has made him a popular choice among viewers.

Through his entire time in the field, Rob Marciano has covered many significant weather events, including tornado outbreaks, hurricanes and severe winter storms. He has also reported on the ground, offering real-time updates and accounts from the ground. His dedication to providing accurate and timely weather data has earned him respect in the field.

His ability to be a versatile journalist has enabled him to investigate various aspects of news reporting that go beyond weather-related subjects.

Rob Marciano’s professional career is characterized by his dedication to educating and educating the public on weather patterns and the impact they have on. His knowledge, professionalism and captivating on-air presence has made him a respected and admired name in meteorology as well as journalism.

What Happened to Rob Marciano on GMA?

Rob Marciano, the familiar persona on ABC as their meteorologist for a long time has made a few adjustments to his position. Marciano will no longer provide weather updates for the Good Morning America weekends. Instead, the responsibility will be handled by Somara Theodore.

This shift is the consequence of the growing ABC News’ meteorology team which is primarily due to their concentration on news related to climate. Although Rob Marciano has transitioned towards working on weekdays, he is still a member of the ABC News team and continues to be a contributor to numerous channels and shows.

In his Instagram account, Marciano shared his joy at marking his 10th year at ABC News and his enthusiasm to spend more moments with family during weekends. Marciano mentioned a potential collaboration in partnership with NatGeo and promised new exciting developments in the near future.

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