Is Qualuxe Legit {Aug 2022} Check The Details Here!

Is Qualuxe Legit

The main purpose of this article is to outline the Are Qualuxe’s claims legitimate and the fundamental aspects that make up Hera in a short discussion.

Do you want to learn more information about Qualuxe’s online store Qualuxe? This is the best location for you. The site is extremely used across America. United States. You’ve probably heard that online shopping is on the rise all over and online shopping is on the rise. In the result, there are a lot of shopping sites that sell various products and many of them are frauds.

We will then discuss the brand new online shopping portal and decide if it is legal Qualuxe Legit and various other aspects regarding the website. Keep in touch with us for more details.

Is be the Qualuxe website be reliable?

  • The website has been online for a short time since it was created on the 2nd of March in 2022.
  • The domain name of the website will expire on the 2nd of March in 2023. That means only eight months will remain.
  • Pay-per-click services that conceal the identity of the owner.
  • A trust score of 1% is given to an online retailer, which could be considered to be untrustworthy, uncertain and dangerous.
  • Qua-luxe was not found in any search engine that searches for blacklists.
  • This site is not listed in any of the social media handle.
  • Review of Qualuxe Review of HTML0 and Qualuxe are available on official websites and others and mixed reviews are also available.
  • Secure HTTP ensures that the data is safe.
  • In addition to those trust-based points position of qualuxe based on popularity is also quite small at just 932016.
  • 47.7 is the index of trust , out of 100 percent.
  • The threat score is 30/100 and 3/10 is the score for phishing.
  • Its Spam score of 0/10 while Malware has a score of 30/100.

So, while the scores and rankings above aren’t very impressive, nevertheless, other specifics, advantages and disadvantages of Qualuxe must be considered to determine if Qualuxe is legitimate. Qualuxe is legitimate.

Find out more about the site:

Qualuxe is an on-line platform which is part of the current business of electronic commerce. Customers can browse through a broad assortment of clothing for women. The primary goal of the store is to design stylish clothes for women, and to help them feel confident and comfortable. The products available on the website include:

  • Leather jackets.
  • Handbags
  • Sandals and leather loafers
  • Summer dresses
  • Bandana
  • High boots etc.

Specific information about the web site

  • Website link-
  • Domain
  • Contact information Contact information for HTML0The contact number cannot be located anywhere, which raises questions about the authenticity of it. is legitimate..
  • Physical address:13 San Angelica, Parmigiani, Milan.
  • Email address:
  • Details for payment Payment details Many different payment methods are offered on this website including Apple Pay, Discover, PayPal, American Express, Amex, Visa etc
  • Shipping PolicyNo details about shipping are given.
  • return and refund policy30 days return policy is in place.
  • Free ShippingFree delivery isn’t offered.
  • Timings:Business is open from Monday through Friday, from 8:30-4:40, and on Saturdays from 9:00 until 2:40 after-hours.
  • Sorting and FilterOptions are accessible on the main page.
  • Cost PriceIt can be purchased in a variety of currencies.

Benefits of the site to establish if Qualuxe is True or not!

  • It’s not been identified as being blacklisted.
  • HTTP secures the information of the website.

Advantages of the web site

  • The site conceals the personal information of the owner.
  • Information about contact and delivery details aren’t included on the site.
  • A social media profile on the website isn’t visible.
  • Shipping is free but not available.
  • Trust index, score and trust are lower.

Based on the previous case it is clear that the website has more negatives of the website than its advantages which isn’t a good way to assess the credibility of the site.

What is Qualuxe Reviews? ?

The website’s reviews are accessible on different platforms and the official site, however there’s a significant distinction between reviews for both of the platforms. There is no problem finding reviews on Qualuxe, the only positive reviews can be found in the primary page. However there are only negative reviews located on other sites There is a lot of uncertainty.

We are able to conclude that the website’s reviews are fake and concocted. Additionally, you can read this article to avoid credit card fraud.

Final Summary

Based on the above factors Based on the factors discussed above, the response to the question is In light of the factors discussed above, Qualuxe’s legitimate status is Not the case. You can look up authentic websites to find the link. There are several evidences to support the verdict are also available such as a the low life expectancy, low trust ratings and a lack of data. We don’t endorse this site to potential buyers. .

What do you think of this platform? Leave a comment below. And to protect yourself from PayPal fraud, visit this page.

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