Is Mesut Ozil Dead or Alive: Where Is Mesut Ozil Now?

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What is Mesut Ozil?

Mesut Ozil is a former German footballer who was recognized for impressive technical skills, creativity and passing ability. He also had a vision of the game as an attacking midfielder. Ozil began his senior club career at Schalke 04 in his hometown, before moving to Werder Bremen, where he won the DFB-Pokal during his first season. Ozil’s outstanding performances in 2010 led to his transfer to Real Madrid, where he helped win the La Liga title for three seasons and topped the league assist chart.

In 2013, he became the most expensive German ever in a transfer deal to Arsenal worth up to PS42.5million. He was instrumental in Arsenal ending its nine-year trophy-less drought. He won three FA Cups, and recorded the second highest number of assists (19), in a Premier League campaign. Ozil signed for Fenerbahce in 2021 on a free-transfer. After his contract was terminated with the club in 2022, Ozil then signed with Istanbul Basaksehir.

Is Mesut Ozil dead or alive?

Mesut’s representatives confirmed Sunday (16 April) that the footballer was alive, and dispelled any rumors about his death. Mesut Ozil announced on Wednesday that he was retiring from football. He is 34 years old. Ozil was a key player for the team, having played both for Real Madrid, and Arsenal.

Mesut Ozil resigned from the German squad in 2018 amid political controversy over the migration of people into Germany and criticisms of a photograph he took of Turkish President Tayyip Erdoan. Ozil decided to leave the German team because he felt he was being treated unfairly and disrespectfully due to his Turkish heritage. His decision to step away from football was based on injuries and recent events.

What happened to Ozil?

Ozil’s professional career in football has ended after a brief stint at Istanbul Basaksehir. He won the Copa del Rey and La Liga with Real Madrid, and then joined Arsenal where he won four FA Cups. Two armed masked men targeted Ozil and Sead Kolasinac, an Arsenal teammate in July 2019. They attempted to steal the car. Ozil and Kolasinac escaped unharmed. They went to a restaurant nearby where the police approached them. Kolasinac was also shown in social media confronting his attackers.

After this incident, Arsenal reviewed their security measures with the help of independent experts and police. Ozil and Kolasinac, as a result of this incident, were not allowed to play in the Premier League opener against Newcastle United. This was on 11 August. Two men were charged with public order offences after an altercation outside Ozil’s home, unrelated to the attempted carjacking, that occurred later on the same day.

Ozil retires?

Mesut Ozil has announced his retirement as a professional footballer at the age of 34. This is relatively young compared to other footballers. Ozil cited injury as the main reason for his retirement, having played only 187 minutes this season for Basaksehir, 45 minutes of which were with the reserve team. Ozil’s injury to his back was the main reason for his absence from games this season and last season. Ozil’s career has been marked by injury, with the back, ankle, and knee being the most common.

Where is Mesut Ozil Now?

Ozil left Arsenal in 2021 after his relationship broke down. He joined Fenerbahce, a Turkish club. Before his departure, he was excluded from the Arsenal team for several months because of a dispute with manager Mikel arteta. Ozil, the son of Turkish immigrants, was born in Gelsenkirchen on 15th October 1988. His grandfather moved from Zonguldak in Turkey to Germany as a Gastarbeiter. Ozil was a youth player for several clubs in Gelsenkirchen from 1995 to 2000. He then spent five years with Rot-Weiss.

Mesut Ozil Religion

Ozil is a third generation Turkish-German. He has described his style of play as a mixture of his Turkish heritage and German heritage. His technique and ball-control reflect his Turkish side while his work ethic and discipline represent his German side. He studied Turkish as a first language, and attended a kindergarten that was dominated by students of Turkish immigrants. Later, he attended Gesamtschule Berger Feld Gelsenkirchen to complete his education. Ozil claims that his ancestors were ethnic Turks of Devrek, despite some sources claiming they are Kurdish.

Ozil is a Muslim and reads the Quran in front of matches. He fasts during Ramadan, but admits it’s difficult to maintain peak fitness while doing so. In 2016, he performed the Umrah to Mecca. In 2018, when he was struck by a piece thrown from an opposing fan during a match, instead of reacting in anger, he brought the bread to his forehead as a sign of gratitude. This gesture was widely praised. In 2010, Ozil received the Bambi award for his successful integration in German society.

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