Is Marie Osmond Divorced: Why Did Marie Get Divorced?

Is Marie Osmond divorced? Marie Osmond first married Steve Craig in 1982. They separated in 1985 and then remarried in 2011.

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What is Marie Osmond all about?

Olive Marie Osmond is an American actress, singer, television host and member of the famous show business family the Osmonds. She was born in 1959. She was a successful country and pop singer, and also a cohost of television variety shows in the 1970s.

A cover of “Paper Roses,” a country-pop ballad, is one of her best known songs. Marie Osmond, along with her brother Donny Osmond, co-hosted Donny & Marie, a popular television variety program, from 1976 to 1979.

In the 1970s, she was a co-host of television variety shows. Her rendition of “Paper Roses,” a country pop ballad, is one of her most notable accomplishments. Marie Osmond, along with her brother Donny Osmond, co-hosted a popular television variety program called Donny & Marie from 1976 to 1978.

Is Marie Osmond Divorced?

Marie Osmond divorced in 1985. Marie Osmond married Steve Craig, former host of Donny & Marie in 1982. Stephen James Craig was born in 1983, completing their love story. The couple divorced in 1986.

Osmond and Craig renewed their vows in a private ceremony on May 4, 2011 at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple. After the ceremony, Osmond and Craig hosted a reception in their Nevada home to celebrate their renewed commitment.

Osmond wore her original Ret-Turner gown from their wedding in 1982 for their second walk down the aisle. This added sentimental value to their occasion. The couple decided to remarry a few weeks before their son Stephen got married.

They realized in 2019 that they could not attend the wedding of their son without getting married. She said that Stephen had joked that he never thought their second marriage would ever happen. But it did. It brought joy to everyone.

It was chosen because of its importance. The wedding date coincided with both the birthdays Michael Osmond, her late son and Olive Osmond. Osmond said that she wanted both Michael and Olive to be present on this special occasion.

Osmond expressed her joy by anticipating sharing her life and her love with Craig. She described him as a man of incredible character, a fatherly figure to her children, and an amazing person. Osmond posted a heartfelt tribute on her 12th anniversary in May 2023 to “the love of her life.”

Why did Marie Osmond get divorced?

Osmond’s and Craig Craig’s divorce is due to marital problems. Marie Osmond suddenly found herself a single mom, with no idea how she could afford to pay rent and care for her child.

She decided to return to the workforce after being overwhelmed by these challenges. Marie Osmond, after her divorce with her former husband Brian Blosil had decided that she didn’t want to get married again.

Steve Craig and Marie Osmond decided to dissolve their marriage after they faced significant issues which put strain on their relationship. Marie Osmond shared her story, describing how she suddenly became a single mom, with financial obligations and the need for her to provide for their child.

She decided to go back to work to alleviate her financial worries because of the difficulties she was facing. Marie Osmond decided to avoid marriage after her divorce from Brian Blosil. All of these factors contributed to her divorce from Steve Craig.

What really happened between Marie Osmond’s ex-husband and Marie Osmond?

Marie Osmond remained silent about the reasons for her divorce with Brian Blosil, but this silence lasted many years. During an interview she finally spoke out about it. Marie Osmond didn’t go into any personal details but revealed that her marriage with Blosil was a secret she discovered after a major event in her own life.

A fire in August 2004 destroyed the house that Marie Osmond shared with Brian Blosil. Osmond’s reaction was unexpected. This could have been a devastating incident for many people.

She said it was one of the most liberating things she’d ever experienced. She realized that the house she built was just a façade to hide a 20-year marriage in which she had been unhappy. Osmond thought that this was a divine event, a wake up call to her real situation.

Marie Osmond remained silent for a long time about the reasons that led to her separation from Brian Blosil. In a 2020 interview with Winn Claybaugh on his Masters Podcast Club she finally spoke out about the subject. Marie Osmond, while she did not reveal intimate details, revealed a key realization about her marriage with Blosil that was triggered by an important event in her personal life.

A fire destroyed the house Marie Osmond shared with Brian Blosil in August 2004. Osmond, despite the devastation such an event usually brings, found liberation from the experience.

She realized that the house she had so carefully built was only a façade that hid a marriage that had lasted two decades and had been deeply unhappy. Osmond saw the fire as divine intervention and interpreted it as a wake-up call.

Marie Osmond also stated explicitly that her children understood the necessity for their parents’ divorce. They came to her and asked her to end the marriage. The exact reason for their request was not revealed, but their sincere plea indicated that the entire family was aware of the unhappiness in the marriage.

Marie Osmond Biography

Olive Marie Osmond is a Utah native. Olive May Davis (1925-2004), the daughter of George Virl Osmond, and Olive May Osmond, the eighth child were the parents. She was raised by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Olive Marie was raised by eight brothers: Virl Tom Alan Wayne Merrill Jay Donny and Jimmy Osmond.

NameMarie Osmond
Date of birthOct 13, 1959
Place of birthOgden
Height5 ft 4″ (1.65 m).
ProfessionSinger, Actor, Presenter, Designer, Screenwriter
NationalityUnited States of America
Networth20 Million Dollars

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