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Is Lisa Millar married? Lisa Millar was previously married to Sid Maher, a journalist.

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Lisa Millar: Who is she?

Lisa Joy Millar is an Australian journalist and television presenter. She was born on February 19th, 1969. She is currently the co-host, along with Michael Rowland, of ABC’s breakfast show, News Breakfast. Millar, who has worked as an ABC News foreign correspondent in London and Washington DC, has played a significant role throughout her career.

Millar began her journalism career as a newspaper cadet at The Gympie Times. She worked for Brisbane’s tabloid afternoon newspaper, The Sun until it closed in late 1991. She began her career in print media and eventually moved into television news. Lisa Joy Millar is a respected media figure in Australia for her dedication and expertise.

She has gained valuable insights on global affairs through her work as a foreign reporter. Her experience also allowed her to cover major international events. She continues to engage and inform audiences as the co-host for News Breakfast with her dynamic on-screen personality and insightful journalism.

DOB19 February 1969
BirthplaceGympie in Queensland, Australia
Occupation(s)Television presenter, journalist
EmployerAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
TelevisionNews Breakfast

Is Lisa Millar Married?

Lisa Millar was previously married to Sid Maher. Lisa Miller grew up in the small town of Kilkivan, Queensland. She faced many personal challenges throughout her life. One of them was a divorce. She also had to deal with a custody dispute for her daughter. This was a time of great stress.

Lisa persisted and was committed to her profession. Lisa Miller (also known as Lisa Millar) embarked upon a remarkable journalistic journey, and eventually found her place as an ABC News Breakfast anchor.

She was rewarded for her dedication and hardwork as she built a career as a foreign reporter, which involved long hours and sacrifices. During this time, her marriage was under strain and ended in divorce. Lisa was resilient and focused her efforts on professional development despite the difficulties. She declared herself to be single, but later fell in love with journalist Sid Maher.

Lisa Millar acknowledged openly that her demanding career took its toll on their marriage and contributed to the dissolution. Lisa Millar, despite the difficulties she had to deal with personally, continued to excel in her career as a journalist and anchor. Lisa Millar’s unwavering dedication to providing news and engaging audiences has cemented her reputation as an industry leader.

Lisa Millar’s Daughter

Harper May has been reported to be the daughter of Lisa Millar. Lisa Millar grew up in Kilkivan, a tranquil country town located in Queensland. She faced many personal challenges in her life, including the divorce of her husband. She is happy to be single and independent. Lisa, who has been through the divorce process, also fought for custody of her child, showing her unwavering dedication as a mom.

Her love and determination for her son drove her to pursue securing the bond between them. Lisa Millar revealed in a very candid way the demands of her former role as a foreign reporter. Her long hours and hard work took a heavy toll on the marriage she had, which ultimately led to its breakup. Her job demanded that she make sacrifices which impacted her personal life.

Lisa Millar, host of ABC News Breakfast, continues to succeed in her career despite the obstacles she has faced. She is a professional and resilient newscaster who delivers the latest information to her audience every day. She is dedicated to her work and strives for informative and engaging content.

Lisa Millar Career

Millar began her journalism career as a cadet at The Gympie Times. Later, she worked for Brisbane’s tabloid afternoon newspaper, The Sun. This continued until the closure of The Sun in late 1991. Lisa then moved north to Townsville where she worked for WIN TV, a regional television station, for a period of one year. Lisa then moved to the ABC as its North Queensland Correspondent.

Her coverage covered a large area, extending from the Torres Strait mining community to the Whitsunday Island chain and the Whitsunday islands. Millar moved to Canberra’s Federal Press Gallery, where she worked as an ABC reporter, including during the 1996 Federal Election Campaign that saw John Howard elected Prime Minister.

Lisa returned to her native Queensland and became ABC’s State Political Reporter, covering the rise of Pauline Hanson, her party One Nation, and their political movement. Her outstanding work led her to be elected as president of the 30 strong Brisbane press gallery. She co-anchored ABC’s coverage of the state elections in 1998 and 2001. Lisa also provided regular commentary about Queensland issues to 702 ABC Sydney, and reported for ABC Radio Queensland.

Millar began a major international assignment in 2001 as ABC’s North American Correspondent, based in Washington. She held this position until 2005, and was a member of the team which won the 2005 Walkley Award in Investigative Journalism. This award was for uncovering Vivian Solon’s story in the Philippines. Lisa’s contribution was recognized by the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma in 2007. She received an Ochberg Fellowship for her work creating a DVD to support journalists experiencing grief or trauma.

Millar returned to Washington in July 2009. She assumed the role as ABC’s North American bureau chief, which she held six years. She was then assigned to ABC’s Europe Bureau in London to cover major events like the Olympic Games before returning to Washington. Lisa was named ABC London Bureau Chief in April 2015. She will succeed Philip Williams.

In October 2018, however, she returned to Australia where she took on a role as roving presenter/reporter with ABC. In December 2018, Millar became a cohost of News Breakfast, initially replacing Virginia Trioli while she was on long-term leave. She continued to be a part of the show until Trioli returned in April 2019. Lisa will officially take over the co-hosting role on News Breakfast from August 2019.

Millar apologized in June 2022 after viewers were offended by her remarks during a discussion on racism in sport. Lisa Millar made comments that were interpreted by some as suggesting athletes such as Nick Kyrgios could ignore the taunts of spectators.

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