Is Lane Kiffin Divorced: Who Is Lane Kiffin Ex-Wife?

Find out about Lane Kiffin’s previous union with Layla Reaves and their three children. Following their decision to split in the year 2016, Lane Kiffin recently went public in a relationship that she has rekindled to Jennifer Dardano, a distinguished real estate agent.

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Is Lane Kiffin Divorced?

Absolutely, Lane Kiffin, the Ole Miss head coach, was married before to Layla Reaves. Layla Reaves is a University of Florida alumni and the couple has three kids together. Kyle Kiffin’s older brother Chris Kiffin, was a defensive lineman at Colorado State University and currently is the coach of the linebackers with the Houston Texans. In addition, Lane Kiffin’s former father-in law, John Reaves, was a famous ex- NFL as well as USFL football player, who also played in college football with the Florida Gators.

But, after a number of decades of union, Lane and Layla Reaves announced their divorce on February 28th on the 28th of February, 2016. They made the decision on their own and they formally ended their marriage on February 28th.

Following his divorce in 2016 Lane Kiffin has kept his private life mostly to himself. For his first public appearance since he divorced the coach recently made public in a relationship. He is Ole Miss head coach is apparently in a relationship Jennifer Dardano, an Alabama native, who was raised in Florida. Jennifer is a well-known real estate agent who is associated to Douglas Elliman in Florida, with a specialization in exclusive waterfront and luxury estates.

Despite the difficulties of his former marriage, Lane Kiffin continues to concentrate on his coaching profession and making a significant contribution to the field of football. Although his personal life might be of curiosity to his followers and fans, Lane prefers to maintain his privacy and focus on his accomplishments as the coach of Ole Miss. Ole Miss football team.

Who is Lane Kiffin Girlfriend Now?

After his breakup with Layla, Lane Kiffin, the head coach at Ole Miss, has found his new teammate and a new partner in Jennifer Dardano. Jennifer is a native of Alabama native, who grew up in Florida and went to at the University of Southern California.

Prior to having a relationship with Lane Kiffin, Jennifer was previously married to plastic surgeon Anthony Dardano. Jennifer is well-known as an accomplished real estate agent who specializes in exclusive estates with luxury and waterfront properties that are owned by Douglas Elliman in Florida.

From 2013 Jennifer was a significant listing associate, working with the highly regarded Senada Adzem Team at Douglas Elliman in Boca Raton. In January of 2016 she was appointed into the position as Development Salesperson Onsite for 1200 The Ocean Hillsboro Mile, an exclusive community located in Hillsboro Beach, further showcasing her knowledge of the field of real estate.

Who is Lane Kiffin?

Lane Monte Kiffin, an American football coach, born in May 9th, 1975. Currently, he is the head coach for the Ole Miss Rebels. Through his entire experience, Kiffin has held various coaching positions at both the professional and college football.

His journey as a coach began when he was the offensive coordinator of USC Trojans. USC Trojans football team, which he held between 2005 and the year 2006. Then was his move to the challenging job as head coach for the Oakland Raiders in the National Football League (NFL) from 2007 to 2008. In addition, when the team was rebranded as Raiders as head coach, he became oldest head coach to be in NFL history. This was a record that lasted until the year 2017 in the year Sean McVay joined the Rams.

After 2009, Kiffin returned to college football field, and was Head Coach of the University of Tennessee Volunteers. He coached the Volunteers through the 2009 season, and then returned to his old school, USC, to serve as their head coach from the year 2010 until 2013.

Kiffin’s impressive coaching expertise remained after 2014 when Kiffin was appointed the offensive coordinator of the University of Alabama, where continued until the year 2016. Then, he was named as the head coach at Florida Atlantic, where he took significant steps until the end of 2019.

And, finally, in an additional significant chapter in Kiffin’s life, Kiffin was able to return to the Southeastern Conference (SEC) as the head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels, a post he holds currently.

In his professional life, Kiffin has showcased his skills as a leader and tactical mastery which earned him the title of one of the top coaches in the field of football. His versatility and his success both in the NFL as well as college football demonstrate the dedication and passion he has for the game.

NameLane Kiffin
Real NameLane Monte Kiffin
ProfessionAmerican football coach
Date of Birth9 May 1975
AgeAged 48
BirthplaceLincoln, Nebraska, United States
Height193 cm
Weight90kg (198 pounds)
GirlfriendJennifer Dardano

Lane Kiffin Age

Lane Kiffin, a prominent American football coach was born on the 9th of May 1975 located in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. At the time of writing the time of writing, he’s 48 years older. Through his long career, Kiffin has gained recognition and respect for his contribution to the game.

In the beginning of his career in football, Lane Kiffin worked his way through his coaching positions, showing his talents and dedication to the sport. Through the years, he’s been in numerous coaching positions at different levels, from collegiate to professional football.

Lane Kiffin’s coaching career started as an assistant coach at his old school, Fresno State University. Then, he went on as a coach for the wide receivers of Colorado State University and the offensive line at the University of Southern California (USC). The time he spent at USC was particularly important since he gained vast experiences under the guidance of legendary trainer Pete Carroll.

At present, Lane Kiffin holds the job as director of football for The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and continues to have a major contribution to the team’s performance as well as the overall football program.

As he continues to progress in his coaching career Lane Kiffin remains a respected persona in the field of football and his love of football continues to propel him ahead.

Lane Kiffin Twitter

Lane Kiffin has become a renowned name within the field of American football. He is a well-known name on Twitter under his handle @Lane_Kiffin. Born on the 9th of May the 9th of May, Lane Kiffin is now an eminent head coach for Ole Miss Football. Ole Miss Football team.

Lane Kiffin’s Twitter profile demonstrates his love for football as well as his determination to lead his Ole Miss Football team to victory. Through the tweets he posts, he is able to keep fans informed and up-to-date on the progress of the team as well as exciting plays and forthcoming games.

Since joining Twitter in the month of January, Lane has been an active user of the site for a long time regularly sharing insight into his coaching methods as well as team dynamics and passion for the game. His Twitter profile is also proudly adorned with the hashtag #ComeToTheSip to show his excitement to invite fans and players to join his Ole Miss Football community.

Lane Kiffin’s presence on Twitter is impressive with 5196 accounts, and is constantly in contact to his fellow players, coaches as well as fans and sports celebrities. In return, his entertaining content and engaging personality have earned him a large following. He has 631.4K loyal followers who are eagerly waiting for his updates and tweets.

As a successful head coach, Lane Kiffin’s tweet feed is a reflection of his determination to guide his team to success and motivate his players and fans alike. When it comes to celebrating wins or tackling challenges head-on Lane’s tweets show his love for the game and his dedication to leading Ole Miss Football toward greatness.

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