Is Kyedae Sick: What Illness Does Kyedae Have?

We have answered the question “Is Kyedae sick” for fans of the popular Japanese Canadian Twitch streamer Kyedae with information on her Cancer update.

What is Kyedae all about?

Kyedae Shymko is a Japanese-Canadian Twitch content creator and streamer who has made waves in the gaming world. This rising star, better known as “Kyedae”, is a 100 Thieves member and engaged to TenZ.

Kyedae began her journey towards becoming a prominent figure in the gaming world when she was introduced by TenZ, who was then her boyfriend. She developed a passion for the game as she improved her skills. Soon, she began streaming her own content. Her quirky sense of humor and unique style of play caught the eye of other gamers. She was even noticed by the popular gaming group Offline TV and Friends.

Kyedae’s Valorant gaming, with an emphasis on Radiant, is what sets her apart from the rest. Her streams with TenZ have also been very popular. Her dirty, offbeat sense of humor is a funny contrast to TenZ’s clean image.

Kyedae has been recognized for her talents in the gaming world. In April 2021 she became a member of 100 Thieves. Since then, she has become a key member of the team and showcased her competitive gaming skills. Kyedae revealed in August 2022, in a shocking revelation, that she was the voice of Clo, the mascot for 88rising’s Head in the Clouds Festival.

Is Kyedae Sick?

We report with heavy hearts that Kyedae Shymko is a Japanese-Canadian Twitch content creator and streamer who was recently diagnosed with acute myeloid Leukemia (AML), which affects bone marrow cells and blood. Kyedae announced the news on her Twitter account in March 2023.

Kyedae said that as she begins her chemotherapy treatment, she won’t be able live stream on a regular basis. She revealed that she has been dealing with health issues and is feeling sick. Kyedae apologized for any possible changes brought about by the diagnosis. She’s unsure of how her body will respond to the treatment, and expressed concern that her streaming schedule might not be consistent.

Kyedae apologized in advance for not being consistent with her stream schedule. “I don’t know how my body will respond to the treatment,” she said. Kyedae’s diagnosis is heartbreaking, but we are with her in this difficult time.

Does Kyedae have cancer?

Kyedae, a Twitch streamer, and creator of content for 100 Thieves recently revealed she was battling cancer. Kyedae Shymko revealed to her followers in a March 3 tweet that she has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. This type of cancer causes the bone marrow cells to become abnormal, which can lead to various symptoms.

Kyedae has told her fans her streaming schedule could be irregular due to her health condition. She also revealed how cancer affected her emotional health during one of the live streams she did. While she put on a brave face, she was frightened. Kyedae, despite this, has shown incredible courage and resilience when faced with this difficult situation.

Kyedae has been flooded with encouraging messages from her fans. Fans of Kyedae remain optimistic that she will overcome mental health issues that are often associated with cancer and make a full recover.

What cancer does Kyedae have?

Kyedae Shymko recently showed her courage and resilience by sharing the ongoing battle she has with cancer, and her mental health struggles while undergoing treatment. Kyedae’s exceptional gaming abilities in the popular Valorant first-person shooter have earned her a prominent place in the gaming community. She also has a large fan base.

Kyedae tweeted on March 3 that she was diagnosed with acute myeloid cancer. This type of cancer affects the bone marrow, blood cells and causes an abnormal increase of white blood cells. This can lead to a disruption in the production of normal red blood cells.

Since her announcement, the gaming community has come together to support Kyedae. Fans, streamers, professional players, and even organizations have sent her love and well wishes for a quick recovery. Kyedae’s courage and strength have been impressive throughout her cancer battle. She often uses humor to lighten the mood.

In one of her streams she admitted that, although she’s seen as strong by many, she’s actually very scared. She shared that everyone goes through something and that she didn’t share her struggles to be pity-worthy, but rather to show that appearances are deceiving.

Kyedae, despite her many challenges, has found comfort playing Valorant. This has helped relieve some of the anxiety and stress caused by her illness, and her negative comments.

Kyedae Twitter

Kyedae is a popular Twitch streamer who also maintains an active Twitter presence with the handle @Kyedae. By May 2023 she had posted 2,756 tweets and had a huge following of more than 1 million users. Follow her account to keep up with her latest announcements, activities and thoughts.

Kyedae’s Age and Birthday

Kyedae Shymko is a 21 year old Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. She was born December 1, 2001. She is of Japanese, Ukrainian and Canadian descent. Her younger sister Sakura is also a Twitch streamer.

Kyedae and TenZ first met in high school. They began dating after spending time together at a party. TenZ introduced her to the world of streaming during one his streams. He taught her Valorant, an online competitive game he plays professionally. Kyedae was initially camera-shy but eventually showed her face during later streams with TenZ. She then created her own streaming channel. Her first solo broadcast was October 31, 2020 on TenZ’s computer.

Sakura’s younger sibling, Kyedae, has appeared in her streams. She often substitutes for her when she takes a bathroom break or participates in their daily activities. Kyedae began playing Valorant with Offline TV & Friends. She often participates in “Noobs Vs. Pros”, where she plays with Offline TV while TenZ is playing with the “pros.”

Kyedae Hair

Kyedae shymko is a popular Twitch streaming star known for her role as Valorant in 100 Thieves. She revealed on live stream that she had shaved her head after chemotherapy made her hair fall out. The streamer, who was diagnosed in March with acute myeloid cancer, a form of cancer that affects bone marrow and blood cells, revealed her shaved head live on stream.

Kyedae did not want to be treated any differently for her illness, despite being upfront about her diagnosis. Kyedae revealed that her hair had already started to thin, which led her to shave her head bald. 39Daph joined her and they both showed off their balding heads. Kyedae later explained in a stream that she did not want to live stream the head shaving because she did not want to make money off of her illness.

Fans and supporters of Kyedae have been expressing their love and support, and many have complimented her new look. They also wished her well. Kyedae is supported by her family and friends, but also millions of viewers. Kyedae recently appeared in a photo with normal, long hair, which may indicate that her hair grew back after chemotherapy.

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