Is Kunle Remi Married: To Whom Is Kunle Remi Marry?

Discover the details of Kunle and Boluwatiwi’s wedding. From their traditional ceremony in Lagos to their elegant white wedding, their love and commitment are evident.

Is Kunle Remi Married?

Kunle Remi has married. In a beautiful wedding ceremony, he married his wife Boluwatiwi in Lagos. The couple exuded elegance and joy while they exchanged vows to celebrate their commitment. Kunle looked dapper in a black bow tie and purple blazer, while Boluwatiwi wore an off-shoulder silk dress.

Before their white wedding the couple had also a traditional ceremony. Boluwatiwi looked stunning in an orange-brown gee, with matching blouse and skirt. Kunle was dashing in brown agbada and red coral beads, complemented by brown shoes.

Who is Boluwatiwi?

Boluwatiwi Oluremi Oye, a member in the Otedola Family of renown, was born during the 1990s. She is the granddaughter a wealthy Nigerian businessman named Billionaire Femi. Boluwatiwi’s mother Tola Otedola Oye is a very important member of the Otedola clan as she’s not only Femi Otedola’s sister, but also her twin. Boluwatiwi married Nigerian actor Kunle Remi in a ceremony that has been widely covered by social media. Boluwatiwi was revealed to be Femi’s niece. This unexpected family connection added to her celebration of marriage with Kunle Remi.

Kunle Remi: Who is he?

Kunle Remi is an actor, producer, television host, film director, and model from Nigeria. His full name is Oyekunle Oluwaremi. He was born in Gboko State, Nigeria. Kunle Remi became widely known after he won the 7th Edition Gulder Ultimate Search, in 2010. He has a wide range of talents and made a significant contribution to the Nigerian entertainment sector.

Kunle Remi is a graduate of the New York Film Academy, where he studied filmmaking and acting. He has appeared in more than 100 films, including “Anikulapo”, “A Naija Christmas” and “The Prophetess”. He is also known for his role in the TV show “Forbidden.” Kunle Remi also creates content for social media platforms. He is the founder and CEO of 1810 Studio where he works on exciting projects.

NameKunle Remi
Born18 October 1988
Birth PlaceGboko, Benue State, Nigeria
Work – OccupationActor
Years Active2010-present

Kunle Remi Age

Kunle Remi was born on 18 October 1988. He is 35 years old. He has been a leading figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry for a long time, and has enjoyed significant success. Ses diverse talents as an actress, model, TV presenter, filmmaker, and a producer have helped him gain widespread recognition. Kunle Remi’s career spans more than a decade and he has contributed significantly to the Nigerian television and film landscape. His versatility and dedication are evident in his work. His career and achievements in the industry are a reflection of a journey that continues inspire and captivate audiences.

Kunle Remi Early life

Kunle Remi was born on 18 October 1988 in Benue State in Nigeria. His family moved to Ibadan when he was a young boy. He discovered acting in his teenage years, which led him to becoming a youth drama instructor. He studied Fisheries and Wildlife Management in the University of Ibadan. Then he went to Sheffield University, where he studied Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Kunle then embarked on an adventure to New York City where he studied acting, filmmaking and directing, culminating with his graduation in 2014. Kunle Remi’s diverse and rich early life has shaped him into the multifaceted, talented person he is today.

Kunle Remi Career

Kunle Remi’s career has been a busy one in both TV and movies. In 2018, Kunle Remi appeared in “Stronger Together”, “Forbidden” and “The Eve”. In the following year, he appeared in “Boys Will Be Boys”, “Sin City”, and “Gold Statue.” In 2020, he starred in “JOCA,” ‘Mama Drama’ and ‘Introducing the Kujus. In 2021 he starred in “The Prophetess,” Gone,” and 13 Letters. In “A Naija Christmas,” he played the lead role in his first Netflix film. He continued to shine in 2022 in “Saint Oyinda”, “Borrowed wealth”, “Treasury” and “Anikulapo,” while his role in “Saro”, earned him praises and awards. Kunle Remi’s contribution to Nigerian film and television has been significant throughout his career.

Kunle Remi, who is married?

Kunle Remi, Boluwatiwi, and their families celebrated their wedding in Lagos recently. This marked the start of a new chapter in their lives. Kunle looked dashing and happy in his purple blazer with a black bow tie. Boluwatiwi was radiant in her off-shoulder dress.

Their commitment was apparent during the signing of court papers and exchange of vows, witnessed by guests and officiated a priest. As the day ended, the couple danced joyfully with their loved ones. It was a perfect way to end a wonderful celebration. They also had a wedding in the traditional style before their white wedding. This further cemented their love and their relationship.

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