Is Kimberley Crossman Engaged: To Whom Is Kimberley Engaged?

Indeed, Kimberley Crossman is engaged. Kimberley Crossman announced the announcement through the account Instagram account, which confirmed the engagement of her partner, Tom Walsh.

Is Kimberley Crossman Engaged?

Indeed, Kimberley Crossman is engaged to her husband, Tom Walsh. Kimberley shared the news to the followers of her on Instagram which she shared an image of the wedding ceremony and a short caption saying, “Yes yes yes!”

The ceremony was held during their vacation in Amalfi Coast Italy’s stunning beauty and was an ideal romantic and beautiful location for the special event. Fans and friends congratulated the couple for this important milestone in their relationship, showing their love and support in Kimberley Tom and Kimberley. Tom.

Kimberley and Tom’s love story started as they were filming an upcoming TV show. Since then, their bond has gotten stronger with time. They’ve also shared their stories, adventures, humanitarian efforts and travels via social media, inviting their followers to join in their journey. As they anticipate their future together as a married couple, their wedding is an exciting event in their relationship.

Who is Kimberley Crossman?

Kimberley Crossman is an internationally renowned New Zealand actress and television presenter. Kimberley was born in the month of May in Auckland, New Zealand. Kimberley was famous due to her character Sophie McKay on the popular New Zealand soap opera, “Shortland Street.” Her entertainment career spans hosting, acting and even voiceover work.

Alongside her dance abilities, Kimberley was also actively engaged with cheerleading and was Captain for her All Cheerleading Senior Elite squad. Team members even took part in international competitions and secured sixth place at the World Cheerleading Championships.

In her professional work, Kimberley has taken on different roles, demonstrating her talents and versatility as an actor. Kimberley has been featured in a variety of films which include “Deathgasm,” “A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff,” and “Together Forever Tea.”

NameKimberley Frances Crossman
Date of BirthMay 1990
Place of BirthAuckland, New Zealand
OccupationActress, TV Presenter
Years Active2000-present
Notable RolesSophie McKay in “Shortland Street”
FianceTom Walsh

Kimberley Crossman Age

Kimberley Crossman was born the month of May 1990 and is now aged 33. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand, Kimberley has enjoyed a lot of successes in the entertainment industry. In her long experience, Kimberley has shown her skills not just as an actress, but also as a performer and presenter. Her commitment and versatility have enabled her to succeed in her particular fields and establish a name for her in the field of New Zealand entertainment.

Kimberley Crossman Early years

Early in her life, Kimberley started dancing at the age of three when she was just the age of three. The passion for dance was encouraged by her mom, Jill Arkley, who is a ballet instructor. As of 2006, she was the post of the Deputy Head Girl of Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom, Auckland, showcasing the dedication she has to her studies as well as the leadership skills.

Kimberley Crossman Career

Kimberley Crossman’s journey to fame began when she landed part of Sophie McKay in Shortland Street in 2007. The soap opera is one of the most long-running, and most popular dramas. Through the many years, Kimberley has expanded her career to include projects as an actor, like films such as “Deathgasm” and “A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff.”

She also has worked as a presenter for TV shows such as “The Erin Simpson Show” and “Cadbury Dream Factory,” as well as other shows. Kimberley has also been involved in live trivia games such as Joyride and has even entered the American entertainment business.

Kimberley Crossman Films

2008Beyond BeliefKerry Post
2015A Beginner’s Guide to SnuffActress
2015Fantasy LifeSummer Dale
2016The 60 Yard LineAmy
2017The New WifeTiffany
2017Get You BackKimmie
2018Strangers in a Strange LandCassie
2021Together Forever TeaLara Thompson

Kimberley Crossman Net Worth

Kimberley Crossman is a wealthy net worth that is estimated to be in the region of $4 million. The net worth is the result of her career as a performer and presenter. In the past she has appeared on different TV shows, movies as well as other entertainment projects that have aided in their financial successes. Kimberley’s talent and determination have enabled her to reach financial stability and to continue to pursue her interests in the world of entertainment.

who is Kimberley Crossman engaged to?

Kimberley Crossman has been engaged to Tom Walsh. The couple revealed their relationship via Instagram with a jolly “Yes yes yes!” affirming their love for each the other. They were engaged during a vacation in Amalfi Coast, Italy and created a memorable memory in a gorgeous place.

Who is Tom Walsh?

Tom Walsh is a cameraman and behind-the-scenes expert who earned fame in 1996 when he was the face of Tip Top Trumpet’s famed “togs, togs, undies” commercial on TV. In the commercial the actor was seen emerging from the water wearing a speedo while asking the question “How far away from the beach do togs become undies?” Tom Walsh met Kimberley Crossman as he was working for TVNZ 2. Snack Masters NZ.

Their relationship strengthened, and they even worked together on their own Discovery show called Shark Week, traveling to various countries together. They’re deeply in love and are planning to spend the Christmas season and their loved ones on the island of Pauanui during the filming of season 2 of Snack Masters in 2023.

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