Is John Travolta Still Alive: What Happened To John Travolta?

Is John Travolta still alive? Find out the truth about this Pulp Fiction star and whether John Travolta still lives.

Who is John Travolta?

John Travolta’s presence onscreen ignites the hearts of his viewers. His charisma is unmistakable and his passion for the acting profession is evident in each performance. His talent and dedication to his art are truly inspirational. John Travolta is a master of his craft.

He has a charm that is effortless and a talent that will keep you hooked. He embodies every character with such authenticity and depth that it is hard to believe that he doesn’t actually live the role. John Travolta’s ability to convey multiple emotions in one scene is what makes him so compelling.

He can make you laugh and then break your hearts in the same moment. Each character has a complexity and depth that make them seem like real people and not caricatures. John Travolta is passionate about more than just acting. His love of flying is evident throughout his career. It’s obvious that his passion for aviation is contagious, and he puts everything he does into it.

Is John Travolta Still Alive?

John Travolta still lives. He is 69 now. John Travolta achieved a lifelong dream in 2000 by starring and co-producing Battlefield Earth based on L. Ron Hubbard’s novel with the same title. Travolta played a villainous leader who led a group aliens to enslave humanity in a dystopian, future Earth.

Travolta won two Razzie Awards for his performance in the film, which was not well received by critics or performed poorly on the box office. Travolta continued to work in the 2000s despite this setback. He starred in films such as Swordfish and Domestic Disturbance.

John Travolta Age

John Travolta has 69 years of age. He also played Edna Turnblad in 2007’s musical Hairspray. Travolta’s career shifted to action and thrillers in the decade that followed, with movies like From Paris with Love, Savages and others. In 2016, Travolta returned to television, playing Robert Shapiro as a lawyer in the first season American Crime Story titled The People v. O. J. Simpson.

Travolta’s most infamous gaffe is his mispronunciation of Idina Menzel as “Adele Dazeem”, while introducing Idina’s performance of “Let It go” from Disney animated film Frozen. Travolta made headlines for his personal life in 2020 when Kelly Preston died. Travolta announced via his Instagram that he was taking a career break to support his children in this difficult time.

Is John Travolta Gay?

No clear reports have been released that John Travolta has a homosexual orientation. We would therefore not make any statements that discuss John Travolta’s sexuality or private life. John Travolta has never admitted to being gay. Although many rumors suggested that he might be gay, there is no proof of this. John Travolta has mastered his craft. John Travolta’s passion for flying and acting is evident in all he does. He has an unmatched charisma.

His talent and dedication is truly inspirational. His contributions to aviation and film will be remembered by future generations.

John Travolta Wife

John Travolta once was happily married, but his marriage ended after the tragic death of Kelly Preston. Kelly Preston and John Travolta shared a long-lasting relationship until Preston died in July 2020. Preston recalls being instantly smitten by Travolta when they first met in 1987 while working on The Experts. Both felt an immediate connection and chemistry when they met.

Preston had been married to Kevin Gage at the time they met, but divorced him in 1987. She briefly dated Charlie Sheen, George Clooney and then Travolta in 1990 on New Year’s Eve. The couple got married twice in the year following. Preston and Travolta shared three children: Jett (born in 1977), Ella (born in 1985), and Benjamin. Jett unfortunately died in 2009 at the age 16 years old. Preston kept her breast cancer battle a secret for 2 years, before she died in 2020.

John Travolta Children

John Travolta had three children with his deceased wife Kellly. John Travolta has three children.


John Travolta’s late wife Kelly Preston and their son Jett were the parents of three children. Jett was born April 1992. The couple was vocal about Jett’s illnesses. They even discussed them in an episode of The Doctors from 2012. Jett died in 2009 after a seizure at the family’s Bahamas vacation home. John and Kelly continue to share pictures of their son on social media despite the tragic loss.


Ella was born on April 3, 2000. She is the daughter of John Travolta, and Kelly Preston. Ella began acting as a child and has appeared in films such as Old Dogs, The Poison Rose and Get Lost.

Ella is a frequent Instagram user who shares her love of her family. She often posts pictures with her younger brother Benjamin and her father, as well as paying tribute to the late mother Kelly, and her older brother Jett. Ella, an aspiring musician, recently released Dizzy, her debut song.


John Travolta once shared a story about his son Benjamin, born in November 2010, who was the youngest of his three children. Benjamin loves to dance and has been in many videos with his dad. Travolta revealed Benjamin’s serious side. Benjamin’s father and Benjamin had a conversation about death after Kelly Preston passed away. Benjamin taught his dad a lesson on living life to the fullest and being grateful. The loss of two members of their family has been painful for them. However, they seem to have a strong support system amongst themselves.

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