Is John Force Still Married: Who Is John Force Wife?

Is John Force Still Married? John Force remains married to Laurie Force, and together with their three daughters (Ashley, Courtney, and Brittany) They gained fame through the A&E reality TV show “Driving Force.”

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Is John Force Still Married?

It is true that John Force is still married to Laurie Force. Laurie Force, the wife of John Force, was prominently on the show along with her husband and her three daughters (Ashley, Courtney, and Brittany) on the A&E reality TV show “Driving Force.”

Laurie as well as her spouse John Force, the 16-time NHRA Funny Car champion, have been married for a life that spans more than four decades, dating back to 1981. Laurie is an ideal complement to John’s vibrant personality.

Their long-lasting partnership in love and in the fast-paced Drag racing world has formed an unbeatable and thrilling relationship, making their story a testament to excitement of life on the speed racetrack.

Who is John Force?

John Harold Force, born on May 4, 1949 located in Bell Gardens, California, is a well-known American NHRA drag racer. Force boasts a remarkable track record of being 16 times NHRA as well as a one-time AHRA Funny Car champion driver and a staggering 22-time win as an owner of a car.

Force is not just the force behind his achievements, but is also the proud driver and owner of John Force Racing (JFR). With a record-breaking number of 155 career wins and a record of 155 career wins, he is one of the most successful drag racers.

Force’s path to success began at Bell Gardens High School, and he played football for a short time during his time at Cerritos Junior College. But it was the sound of drag racing that really enticed Force. He’s not just a drag racing legend, he’s also the father of a family.

Their daughters Ashley Force Hood, Brittany Force as well as Courtney Force have all followed in his tracks on tires as drag racers who have mastered their craft. Also, his eldest child, Adria Hight, holds the post of CFO for JFR.

In his team of racers Son-in-law Robert Hight and daughter Brittany are the present drivers. Through the years, he’s been fortunate to have notable crew chiefs such as Mike Neff and Jimmy Prock. Force’s decisions to be strategic, such as the appointment of Neff for his team chief position, have resulted in incredible accomplishments. The nickname he has earned, “Brute Force,” is a tribute to his dominant 10 years of consecutive NHRA championships.

In a team, John Force, his daughters Courtney, Ashley, and Brittany as well as son-in law Robert Hight collectively form “The First Family of Drag Racing.” Their name is in the history of drag racing’s past as a testimony to their exemplary talent and commitment.

NameJohn Force
Birth DateMay 4, 1949
BirthplaceBell Gardens, California, U.S.
WifeLaurie Force
DaughtersAshley, Courtney, Brittany, and Adria

Who is John Force Wife?

Laurie Force, the wife of legendary drag racer John Force, has been an integral part of the Force racing family. John Force, her husband John Force, boasts an impressive track record in his 16 years as a Funny Car champion driver and the owner of a champion car for 20 years who has established himself as one of the most powerful drag racing stars with a staggering record of 149 career wins.

Together, they’ve developed John Force Racing into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, employing more than 100 employees and operating from an expansive 180,000 square-foot facility located in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Her daughter Laurie Ashley Force Hood, previously she was a Top Fuel Funny Car drag racer for John Force Racing, decided to take a break from racing in order to concentrate on raising her family along with the husband of her, Daniel Hood.

A different Force child, Brittany Leighton Force, continues the family tradition of being a NHRA drag racing driver. She won the famous title of ‘NHRA Drag Racing Series’ Top Fuel dragster champion’ in addition to the family’s rich tradition.

Courtney Force, yet another impressive member of the family, took part as a drag racer on NHRA tour as drag racing adding in the Force family’s long-standing involvement in drag racing.

John Force Daughters

  • Brittany Force is one of the prominent family members in Force family. Force family, renowned for her accomplishments in NHRA drag racing.
  • Ashley Force Hood, another famous Force family member has earned her place as a prominent model in drag racing.
  • Courtney Force, a former drag racer, lent her passion and talent for racing on the NHRA tours.
  • Adria Force is the chief financial officer for John Force Racing, NHRA drag racing team. She was the wife of Robert Hight, an NHRA drag racer.

John Force Age

As of 2023 John Force, the celebrated NHRA drag racer, will be at seventy-four years old. Born May 4th, 1949 at Bell Gardens, California, his birth date places him around mid-seventies age which is a testimony to his long-lasting presence in drag racing. Over the course of his career, which spans decades, Force has amassed an remarkable record of accomplishments, including sixteen NHRA Funny Car championships and more than 149 wins in his career. His impressive achievements, along with his unrelenting love for the sport continue to inspire and delight the fans of his race, cementing his position as a legend in the world of high-speed NHRA drag racing.

John Force Early Life

John Force, born in Bell Gardens, California, to parents Harold and Betty Ruth Force, had an upbringing that was difficult. His early years were marked by his frequent visits to various locations such as camps for logging, Indian reservations, migrant farms along with trailer parks.

Through treatment and determination Then he was able to play football in high school. He also briefly went to Cerritos College.

John has six children including children Walker, Louie, Tom (now deceased), Cindy Hem (married to Skip Hem) as well as Dana (Baby Force) Marino. He has remained in a close connection with his siblings, especially Walker and Cindy who live close to his home within Southern California.

While his older sister Dana not having a family of her own in the same family She has since been active with NHRA events as an Intern Journalist on a part-time basis. John’s family is friendly, and often attends NHRA National events to cheer on John as well as other family members who are near their home located in Pomona, Las Vegas, Sonoma and Phoenix.

John Force Net Worth

John Force boasts a net worth of $25 million, which is a testament to his financial accomplishments in NHRA drag racing.

NameJohn Force
Net Worth$25 Million
Salary$2 Million +
Monthly Income$150,000 +

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