Is James Stratton Leaving KCCI: Why Was James Leave KCCI?

James Stratton bids farewell to KCCI James Stratton is heading for WISN in Milwaukee to begin new investigative journalism ventures. Follow him as he reveals powerful stories within a wider media market, creating positive change and pursuing new opportunities.

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Does James Stratton Leaving KCCI?

The chief investigative reporter of KCCI, James Stratton, has made the announcement of his departure from the CBS affiliate serving the region. This morning, Stratton released a tweet on Twitter that expressed gratitude for the chance to join the news team from central Iowa. In his time he has assumed the important task of investigating and reporting on important problems that impact the community.

As an investigative reporter Stratton’s main focus is to dig deep into a variety of stories, shining the spotlight on issues which would otherwise remain a secret from the general public. Through extensive research as well as interviews and analysis, he has drawn attention to issues and problems that people in central Iowa.

Through his tenure working at KCCI, Stratton has been committed to bringing about positive transformation. His reports have not only identified issues, but led to the organization to take action, resulting in changes and improvements in various areas. In educating the public about the issues, he has given people the opportunity to take an active part within their community, and has encouraged the collective effort to improve the lives of others.

Alongside reporting on local issues, Stratton has also been crucial in exposing issues which might have been ignored or ignored. His work has led to transparency and accountability, and holds accountable the parties responsible for their conduct or omissions.

James Stratton’s departure of KCCI will mark the end of a era in the field of local investigative journalism. His dedication to storytelling and passion to address social issues have had a lasting impact on the communities he worked for. As he transitions to new opportunities, his contributions to the journalism scene in central Iowa are remembered valued.

The community will certainly feel the loss of his engaging and insightful journalism His legacy will encourage others to pursue excellence in journalism, and to make use of their platforms to make an impact that is positive on society.

What is the reason James Stratton Leaving KCCI?

James Stratton, the esteemed chief investigative reporter at KCCI has begun his next professional venture as he says goodbye to the Central Iowa CBS channel. He recently made a major career change and will soon be joining WISN which is a renowned station for news based in Milwaukee.

During his time as a reporter at KCCI, James Stratton has been a key member of the news team, specifically in the area of investigative reporting. The dedication he has to exposing the truth and providing the light on important issues has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues as well as the viewers.

As he relocates into WISN in Milwaukee which is a bigger markets for journalism, Stratton is presented with new opportunities to increase his reach and pursue fresh investigative ventures. Milwaukee being a major city that has its own distinct collection of stories and challenges can provide him with an opportunity to tell more compelling stories.

With a track record of generating positive impression through reports, his arrival at WISN is bound to be greeted with excitement and enthusiasm. He has demonstrated time and again the capacity to effect changes and push for reforms through providing insight into matters that need attention and the need for action.

In addition, his standing as a committed and ethical journalist has preceded him earning him respect from journalists and the general public alike. When he joins WISN Stratton’s investigative expertise is expected to improve the news coverage at WISN as it reaffirms its commitment to providing top-quality journalistic excellence.

The relocation to Milwaukee is also an chance for Stratton to join the new team of photographers, reporters and production staff. Sharing his knowledge and expertise with WISN’s WISN team could lead to the exchange of valuable information and contribute to the overall development of the station and the quality of journalism.

Central Iowa who have grown accustomed to Stratton’s insightful journalism and insightful reporting, his departure could trigger feelings of sadness. But they can find comfort knowing that he’s stepping into a new chapter in which he will continue to seek out truth, uncover problems, and promote positive changes. The KCCI’s contributions to the legacy in investigative journalism are a part of history and his commitment to storytelling will surely create a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of the people he helped.

James Stratton Leaving KCCI

James Stratton, the esteemed chief investigative reporter at KCCI will embark on a brand new journey in his career when he says goodbye to Central Iowa CBS station. He’ll be joining WISN which is a prominent news station in Milwaukee and also is the sister station of KCCI. The day Stratton will leave KCCI was scheduled to be the 19th of July.

Stratton began his journey with KCCI on August 20, 2021. He joined KCCI with his vast knowledge gained from working at stations across Rockford along with in the Quad Cities. While at KCCI the station has been committed to relaying the story of central Iowa with complete respect and respect for the truth. His dedication in investigative journalism brought about positive change and has exposed important problems that affect the local community.


KCCI is which is also known as channel 8 is a well-established TV station that is located within Des Moines, Iowa, United States. It is part of the CBS network and is owned by Hearst Television. The studios of the station are located at Ninth Street in downtown Des Moines and its transmitter is situated in Alleman.

KCCI is a major local presence. It produces 29 half hours of newscasts per week. It is able to produce four and a half hours on a weekday, and three hours on Saturdays as well as four hours of Sunday programming. Through the many years, KCCI has garnered a large and loyal audience, making it the top-rated station within Des Moines for most of its existence. The roots of the Register are a major factor in its popularity, often exceeding the combined viewership of rivals WHO-TV as well as WOI-TV.

Despite its dominance KCCI was not without its difficulties in the past, especially during the sweeps period in February where it was temporarily unable to maintain its lead in the morning and 6 p.m. news slot to WHO. In the sweeps of May 2011, KCCI lost the top position at 5 p.m. but held an edge at 10 p.m. The station then rebounded with a vengeance in July 2013, beating every single time slot, and expanding its advantage over WHO in different segments.

KCCI is the first to adopt the latest technology and broadcasting standards. This station became the initial to be the first station in Des Moines to air local news in a widescreen 16:9 format on April 20th 2009. While other major stations adopted high-definition local newscasts. the KCCI broadcasts were in enhanced definition widescreen format until April 26 2011 after which it changed to high-definition to air its 5:30 p.m. broadcasts.

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