Is Gladiators Jet Married: To Whom Is Gladiators Jet Marry?

Is Gladiators Jet Married? Find out whether Diane Youdale, famously known as Gladiators Jet has a husband or is not. Learn more about her relationship status, and much more.

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Who is Diane Youdale?

Diane Youdale, an English TV star, gained international fame for her performance as Jet in the well-known TV show Gladiators. She hails from Billingham her home, she lived with her dad, Jack Youdale, who was an BBC Tees astronomer for an astonishing thirty years.

Prior to her breakout role in Gladiators aged 22 Youdale demonstrated her talents as choreographer. She also appeared as She-Wolf in her role in the Finnegan/Pinchuk Company, HTV, and the MCA Television Entertainment production, She-Wolf of London the role required extensive prosthetics that required hours of application and remove.

Is Gladiators Jet Married?

The truth is that Gladiators’ Jet, Diane Youdale, is happily married to her fiancée Zoe Gilbert. Diane Youdale, famously known as Jet from the famous TV show Gladiators is tying to her fiancée Zoe Gilbert in a discreet and intimate ceremony. The veteran of the show, 53, kept the wedding ceremony private, with just the select few, which totals nine people, being aware of the celebration.

Diane and Zoe’s romance began a little over one year ago, when they met in a grocery store and their romance grew into a long, year-and-a-half courtship concluding with wedding.

who is Gladiators Jet married to?

Gladiators’ Jet, Diane Youdale is engaged to her fiancée Zoe Gilbert. The couple held an intimate and private wedding ceremony following their relationship for one year and a half. Diane Zoe and Diane Zoe first met at the supermarket and their romance was born from that point.

They decided to keep their wedding details private and only nine guests having any idea of the day. Diane was thrilled to announce with friends and family about their wedding by stressing how important privacy is and being secure in their relationship away from the attention of others.

Diane Youdale Age

Diane Youdale, famously recognized as Jet from the popular TV show Gladiators was born on February 13th, 1970. She was born in Billingham, United Kingdom. At the time of writing she is 53 years old and been celebrating her birthday earlier in the year.

In her long and illustrious professional career within the entertainment industry Diane’s athletic ability and talent won the hearts of viewers in the 90s. Her unending fame as Jet remains an ode to her legendary character on the show, which makes her a revered persona in the history of television.

Diane Youdale Spouse

Diane Youdale’s partner she is Zoe Gilbert, with whom she recently got married in an intimate wedding ceremony. Their story of love began with the help of fate through a chance meeting at the local grocery store. After nearly a year of being together, Diane and Zoe decided to move their relationship to a new level and they exchanged vows at a private wedding.

The couple decided to keep the wedding plans to a closely guarded secret, sharing the happy celebration with only a handful of people. Diane and Zoe’s deep bond and love for one another culminated in a deeply emotional ceremony, in which they announced their love for one another and began an entirely new chapter in their lives as married couples.

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